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  1. IS there a state court more adverse to the ADA than the ISC? I highly doubt it. One would only have to study my own experience and my email traffic with the ADA coordinator to count the violations and see the cavalier attitude. I have files if any are interested. (Aside -- I offered my case to the ACLU, both national and Indiana ... no interest ... seems a pro-lifer regarded as mentally diseased for his Christian political science is far to politically incorrect to ever make their client roster. Truth be known, the ACLU was founded to clear the path for such crucifixions.) Anyway, back to the ADA theme, any interested in confronting the ISC's misuse of the ADA should give this a good read ... .. esp at pp 21 of 196, 38, 52, App 100 - 109 .. and know that my files are open to any dedicated to righting the ISC's pattern of being wrong on the ADA. Oh, and anyone wondering just what the ISC is willing to allow its ADA coordinator (who was since promoted) to get away with ... see the above at p.39 of 196 & App 140. Not quite murder, but the professional corollary of murder, sure enough. Whistleblower's fate under the Hoosier Junta.

  2. I drive near or by the location on my way downtown. The streets are narrow. The traffic is congested. I hope that there is a realistic plan for dealing with the extra traffic.

  3. Their last names have been corrected. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  4. MARK TRAINA V. LAKEVIEW REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER --- COMMON KNOWLEDGE: common knowledge is used to refer to information that a reader would accept as valid, such as information that many users may know. As an example, this type of information may include the temperature in which water freezes or boils. It's common knowledge that registered nurses should never tell patients to "Man Up", "Stop Acting Like A Little Girl", "You Are Not Being A Good Soldier", and "No I Am Not Going To Call Your Wife At 3:30 AM In The Morning And Inconvenience Her"!

  5. Bob Leonard killed two people named Jennifer and Dion Longworth. There were no Smiths involved.