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  1. His brother was a former prosecuting attorney for Crawford County, disiplined for stealing law books after his term, and embezzeling funds from family and clients. Highly functional family great morals and values...

  2. Wondering if the father was a Lodge member?

  3. Tell me how they take away a young daughter from a college educated mother with a great career and never been arrested no criminal background. I could understand if their were drug or alcohol issues.Two grown adult college educated daughters neither of them with a criminal background and 4 granddaughters? Anybody??? Then you have her ex who has multiple domestic assaults from several different women, multiple restraining order from several different women, and owes thousands and thousand of dollars in child support. Do you have to have domestic abuse and owe thousands in CS to get custody in Indiana? Wheres mom gonna be when puberty comes around? The COA'S has alot of explaining, anybody with half a brain knows this is completely corrupt and wrong. How do they sleep knowing his criminal background and they feed that little girl to the wolf. To bad the mother doesn't have an extensive criminal background and restrainig orders everybody be writing about something else. Can you say therapy and counseling for that little girl. That is most sorry ptiful judgement. I guess domestic assault is allowable and not paying CS is voluntary. Fathers getting custody in Indiana is way out of control. Happy retirement and sleep well SCJ.

  4. @BryanJBrown, You are totally correct. I have no words, you nailed it.....

  5. You have not overstated the reality of the present situation. The government inquisitor in my case, who demanded that I, on the record, to choose between obedience to God's law or man's law, remains on the BLE, even an officer of the BLE, and was recently renewed in her contract for another four years. She has a long history in advancing LGBQT rights. THINK WITH ME: What if a currently serving BLE officer or analogous court official (ie discplinary officer) asked an atheist to affirm the Existence, or demanded a transsexual to undergo a mental evaluation to probe his/her alleged mindcrime? That would end a career. The double standard is glaring, see the troubling question used to ban me for life from the Ind bar right here: (see page 8 of 21) Again, what if I had been a homosexual rights activist before law school rather than a prolife activist? A gay rights activist after law school admitted to the SCOTUS and Kansas since 1996, without discipline? A homosexual rights activist who had argued before half the federal appellate courts in the country? I am pretty certain that had I been that LGBQT activist, and not a pro-life activist, my passing of the Indiana bar exam would have rendered me an Indiana attorney .... rather than forever banished. So yes, there is a glaring double standard. And some are even beyond the reach of constitutional and statutory protections. I was.