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DTCI: Still learning after all these years in practice

February 25, 2015
The practice of law is still exciting and challenging for me, even as I approach my 34th year of practice.

DTCI: The outlook for telemedicine

February 11, 2015
Wave of the future or malpractice nightmare?

Meet the 2015 DTCI board of directors

January 14, 2015
At the November annual meeting of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, the following officers and directors were elected. They assumed office Jan. 1, 2015.

DTCI Annual Meeting 2014

December 17, 2014
Members gathered in French Lick to honor attorneys, attend educational sessions and socialize.

2014 DTCI Amicus Report

December 3, 2014
In 2014, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana’s Amicus Committee participated in a number of interesting appeals, several of which have not yet been decided. The cases DTCI became involved in this year addressed a variety of evidentiary and other issues that are of interest to the defense bar.

DTCI: Is technology killing the work-life balance?

November 19, 2014
I will admit that when I first started practicing law, there were no BlackBerry phones, iPhones or tablets allowing one to access email at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. I also could not access the system in our office while at home or some other remote location. Now that all of these options are available to us, I can’t help but wonder is technology killing the ability to balance work with life?

DTCI: Take time to invest in yourself

November 5, 2014
Where I work, it is the usual practice of the partnership to send attorneys with my level of experience (five to six years) to a seminar in order to prepare us for the eventual responsibility of trying a case on our own.

DTCI: 15 years of court interpretation on presumption and products liability

November 5, 2014
In the 15 years since the presumption became a part of the IPLA, it has been invoked in a number of actions involving the design, manufacture, labeling and packaging of numerous products. This article explores Indiana court decisions that have transformed the breadth and impact of the presumption both in its application and the requirements necessary to overcome it.

DTCI: North Central Region Trial Workshop Academy

October 8, 2014
View a photo from the recent North Central Region Trial Academy Workshop Academy.

DTCI: Sign up now for the 21st Annual Conference and Meeting

October 8, 2014
Join us on Nov. 20 & 21 at the French Lick Resort for a jam-packed schedule.
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  1. It is amazing how selectively courts can read cases and how two very similar factpatterns can result in quite different renderings. I cited this very same argument in Brown v. Bowman, lost. I guess it is panel, panel, panel when one is on appeal. Sad thing is, I had Sykes. Same argument, she went the opposite. Her Rooker-Feldman jurisprudence is now decidedly unintelligible.

  2. November, 2014, I was charged with OWI/Endangering a person. I was not given a Breathalyzer test and the arresting officer did not believe that alcohol was in any way involved. I was self-overmedicated with prescription medications. I was taken to local hospital for blood draw to be sent to State Tox Lab. My attorney gave me a cookie-cutter plea which amounts to an ALCOHOL-related charge. Totally unacceptable!! HOW can I get my TOX report from the state lab???

  3. My mother got temporary guardianship of my children in 2012. my husband and I got divorced 2015 the judge ordered me to have full custody of all my children. Does this mean the temporary guardianship is over? I'm confused because my divorce papers say I have custody and he gets visits and i get to claim the kids every year on my taxes. So just wondered since I have in black and white that I have custody if I can go get my kids from my moms and not go to jail?

  4. Someone off their meds? C'mon John, it is called the politics of Empire. Get with the program, will ya? How can we build one world under secularist ideals without breaking a few eggs? Of course, once it is fully built, is the American public who will feel the deadly grip of the velvet glove. One cannot lay down with dogs without getting fleas. The cup of wrath is nearly full, John Smith, nearly full. Oops, there I go, almost sounding as alarmist as Smith. Guess he and I both need to listen to this again:

  5. Charles Rice was one of the greatest of the so-called great generation in America. I was privileged to count him among my mentors. He stood firm for Christ and Christ's Church in the Spirit of Thomas More, always quick to be a good servant of the King, but always God's first. I had Rice come speak to 700 in Fort Wayne as Obama took office. Rice was concerned that this rise of aggressive secularism and militant Islam were dual threats to Christendom,er, please forgive, I meant to say "Western Civilization". RIP Charlie. You are safe at home.