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Hammerle On…'Chappie' and 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'

March 25, 2015
Bob Hammerle says “Chappie” was "everything that I didn’t think it would be."

Hammerle On … The Oscars revisited; 'McFarland, USA'

March 11, 2015
Bob Hammerle calls "McFarland, USA" a Hispanic version of the movie "Hoosiers."

Hammerle On… 'Still Alice,' 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

February 25, 2015
Bob Hammerle says Julianne Moore's performance in "Still Alice" won an Oscar for a role you will never forget.

Hammerle makes his 2015 Oscar picks

February 11, 2015
Let me again venture out on a limb and make my Academy Awards picks. Of course, I will likely be wrong, but never in my cinematic heart.

Hammerle on … 'Selma,' 'American Sniper'

January 28, 2015
Bob Hammerle says the strength of "Selma" flows from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s relationship with his wife and President Lyndon Johnson.

Hammerle On… 'The Imitation Game,' 'Into the Woods'

January 14, 2015
Bob Hammerle says that "The Imitation Game" is one of the best films of 2014.

Hammerle on...'Top Five,' 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'

December 31, 2014
Bob Hammerle says a tearful goodbye to the "Hobbit" series.

Hammerle On… 'Beyond the Lights,' 'The Homesman,' and 'Horrible Bosses 2'

December 17, 2014
Bob Hammerle says don't waste your time on "Horrible Bosses 2."

Hammerle on ... 'Whiplash,' 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'

December 3, 2014
Bob Hammerle says "Whiplash" is a startling movie with an Oscar-worthy screenplay that assaults your senses.

Hammerle On…'Big Hero 6,' 'Interstellar,' and 'St. Vincent'

November 19, 2014
Bob Hammerle says he needs to see "Interstellar" again to try to grasp the moments that he didn't understand from the movie.
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  1. Sociologist of religion Peter Berger once said that the US is a “nation of Indians ruled by Swedes.” He meant an irreligious elite ruling a religious people, as that Sweden is the world’s least religious country and India the most religious. The idea is that American social elites tend to be much less religious than just about everyone else in the country. If this is true, it helps explain the controversy raking Indiana over Hollywood, San Fran, NYC, academia and downtown Indy hot coals. Nevermind logic, nevermind it is just the 1993 fed bill did, forget the Founders, abandon of historic dedication to religious liberty. The Swedes rule. You cannot argue with elitists. They have the power, they will use the power, sit down and shut up or feel the power. I know firsthand, having been dealt blows from the elite's high and mighty hands often as a mere religious plebe.

  2. I need helping gaining custody of my 5 and 1 year old from my alcoholic girlfriend. This should be an easy case for any lawyer to win... I've just never had the courage to take her that far. She has a record of public intox and other things. She has no job and no where to live othe than with me. But after 5 years of trying to help her with her bad habit, she has put our kids in danger by driving after drinking with them... She got detained yesterday and the police chief released my kids to me from the police station. I live paycheck to paycheck and Im under alot of stress dealing with this situation. Can anyone please help?

  3. The more a state tries to force people to associate, who don't like each other and simply want to lead separate lives, the more that state invalidates itself....... This conflict has shown clearly that the advocates of "tolerance" are themselves intolerant, the advocates of "diversity" intend to inflict themselves on an unwilling majority by force if necessary, until that people complies and relents and allows itself to be made homogenous with the politically correct preferences of the diversity-lobbies. Let's clearly understand, this is force versus force and democracy has nothing to do with this. Democracy is a false god in the first place, even if it is a valid ideal for politics, but it is becoming ever more just an empty slogan that just suckers a bunch of cattle into paying their taxes and volunteering for stupid wars.

  4. I would like to discuss a commercial litigation case. If you handle such cases, respond for more details.

  5. Great analysis, Elizabeth. Thank you for demonstrating that abortion leads, in logic and acceptance of practice, directly to infanticide. Women of the world unite, you have only your offspring to lose!