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Hammerle on ... 'Logan,' 'Kong: Skull Island'

March 22, 2017
Bob Hammerle says "Logan" may end up being one of the better movies this year.

Hammerle on... 'A United Kingdom,' 'Get Out'

March 8, 2017
Bob Hammerle says "Get Out" is a great horror movie.

Hammerle’s 2016 Oscar predictions

February 22, 2017
Once again, the Oscars are upon us, and it’s time that I stare into my admitted fuzzy crystal ball. I wouldn’t go to Vegas and bet on my predictions, but I’m not afraid to be wrong.

Hammerle on ... '20th Century Women,' Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt and Barbara Hale

February 8, 2017
Bob Hammerle wanted "20th Century Women" to be a better movie than it was.

Hammerle on... 'Hidden Figures,' 'Sing'

January 25, 2017
Bob Hammerle says all women will enjoy "Hidden Figures."

Hammerle on... 'Jackie,' 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

January 11, 2017
Bob Hammerle says "Rogue One" gets its strength from its characters, not its special effects.

Hammerle On… 'Miss Sloane,' 'La La Land'

December 28, 2016
Bob Hammerle says you'll be glued to your seat from the moment of the opening number in "La La Land."

Hammerle on ... 'Manchester by the Sea,' 'Moana,' 'The Eagle Huntress'

December 14, 2016
Bob Hammerle says "Manchester by the Sea" is the true definition of a work of ark.

Hammerle On… 'A Man Called Ove,' 'Doctor Strange'

November 16, 2016
Bob Hammerle says "A Man Called Ove" has many strengths and will bring you to the edge of tears.

Hammerle on... 'Denial'

November 2, 2016
Bob Hammerle says trial lawyers must see "Denial."
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