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Hammerle on ... 'Room,' 'Spectre'

November 18, 2015
Bob Hammerle says "Room" is a movie experience that you cannot help but dread.

Hammerle on ... 'Bridge of Spies,' 'Freeheld'

November 4, 2015
Hammerle says "Bridge of Spies" embodies every criminal defense lawyer's motto, "You brought the charge, now prove it!"

Hammerle On ... 'The Walk,' 'The Martian,' 'Sicario'

October 21, 2015
Bob Hammerle says legendary director Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk” must be added to the list of great films in 2015.

Hammerle On … 'Grandma,''Black Mass'

October 7, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes that "Black Mass" demonstrates the downside of our national character.

Hammerle On... 'A Walk in the Woods', 'Meru', 'Jimmy's Hall'

September 23, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes of "A Walk in the Woods": "Despite negative reviews, this film should be seen by everyone over 50 or anyone wondering what it will be like at that age."

Hammerle On... 'Best of Enemies', 'The End of the Tour'

September 9, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes in regard to "The End of the Tour": "This film does a disservice to both Mr. Wallace and the audience. How could brilliance be displayed in such a dull fashion?"

Hammerle On... 'Straight Outta Compton', 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'

August 26, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes in regard to "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.": "Be prepared to say, 'I really enjoyed it, although I can't say I liked it.'"

Hammerle On... 'Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation', 'The Stanford Prison Experiment'

August 12, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes in regard to "The Stanford Prison Experiment": "If the re-creation of an event is destructive, think what the actual event is like."

Hammerle On…'Mr. Holmes', 'Testament of Youth'

July 29, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes that "Mr. Holmes" is a tiny film that will remind many of you why guys like him love the cinema.

Hammerle On…'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

July 15, 2015
Bob Hammerle writes that he's curious as to why "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" won both major awards at last year's Sundance Film Festival.
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  1. This is ridiculous. Most JDs not practicing law don't know squat to justify calling themselves a lawyer. Maybe they should try visiting the inside of a courtroom before they go around calling themselves lawyers. This kind of promotional BS just increases the volume of people with JDs that are underqualified thereby dragging all the rest of us down likewise.

  2. I think it is safe to say that those Hoosier's with the most confidence in the Indiana judicial system are those Hoosier's who have never had the displeasure of dealing with the Hoosier court system.

  3. I have an open CHINS case I failed a urine screen I have since got clean completed IOP classes now in after care passed home inspection my x sister in law has my children I still don't even have unsupervised when I have been clean for over 4 months my x sister wants to keep the lids for good n has my case working with her I just discovered n have proof that at one of my hearing dcs case worker stated in court to the judge that a screen was dirty which caused me not to have unsupervised this was at the beginning two weeks after my initial screen I thought the weed could have still been in my system was upset because they were suppose to check levels n see if it was going down since this was only a few weeks after initial instead they said dirty I recently requested all of my screens from redwood because I take prescriptions that will show up n I was having my doctor look at levels to verify that matched what I was prescripted because dcs case worker accused me of abuseing when I got my screens I found out that screen I took that dcs case worker stated in court to judge that caused me to not get granted unsupervised was actually negative what can I do about this this is a serious issue saying a parent failed a screen in court to judge when they didn't please advise

  4. I have a degree at law, recent MS in regulatory studies. Licensed in KS, admitted b4 S& 7th circuit, but not to Indiana bar due to political correctness. Blacklisted, nearly unemployable due to hostile state action. Big Idea: Headwinds can overcome, esp for those not within the contours of the bell curve, the Lego Movie happiness set forth above. That said, even without the blacklisting for holding ideas unacceptable to the Glorious State, I think the idea presented above that a law degree open many vistas other than being a galley slave to elitist lawyers is pretty much laughable. (Did the law professors of Indiana pay for this to be published?)

  5. Joe, you might want to do some reading on the fate of Hoosier whistleblowers before you get your expectations raised up.