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Hogsett's criminal justice center could cost $575 million

March 1, 2017
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s administration on Tuesday estimated that its proposed new jail, courthouse and intervention center would cost between $565 million and $575 million.

State's dubious vaping law to get big overhaul

January 11, 2017
Indiana’s vaping industry could be upended again as lawmakers tackle changes to a law that has been roundly criticized as unfair and even corrupt.

House Republicans' road plan includes gas-tax increase, user fees

January 4, 2017
Indiana House Republicans on Wednesday released their legislative agenda, which includes a tax increase and increased user fees to pay for improving the state’s roads.

Critics decry Pence team for letting state fair stage collapse rule expire

December 28, 2016
The Pence administration has let expire the emergency rule put in place after the 2011 Indiana State Fair stage collapse that left seven people dead and dozens injured.

Some Indiana employers abiding by overtime rule, even though it's in limbo

December 6, 2016
The Obama administration’s new overtime rule is held up in federal court, but that hasn't stopped some Indiana employers from instituting changes to comply with the law.

Marian University facing suit over professor's alleged sexual misconduct

November 3, 2016
Marian University is facing a lawsuit alleging the school acted with deliberate indifference while one of its professors sexually harassed a male student.

Will next governor pave the way for more public-private partnerships?

October 11, 2016
The controversial 2006 lease of the Indiana Toll Road paved the way for highway projects funded by public-private partnerships in Indiana — including the relatively smooth and nearly finished building of a bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville and the beleaguered construction of a 21-mile stretch of Interstate 69 from Bloomington to Martinsville.

Vaping bill sponsor admits 'it did' put people out of business

October 6, 2016
Indiana State Sen. Ron Alting, the Lafayette lawmaker who sponsored the controversial vaping law that essentially put a single private security firm—located in his town and run by his high school classmate—in charge of selecting winners and losers in the e-liquid manufacturing industry, is now admitting the law created an unfair playing field.

Monarch affiliate gets OK to sell liquor after judge denies stay

September 29, 2016
The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission granted Spirited a temporary permit to sell liquor on a wholesale basis this week after a Marion County Special Court judge denied the state of Indiana’s request for a stay on an August ruling that found the state agency was “arbitrary and capricious” in its decision to deny the company a liquor wholesaling permit back in 2014.

Lawmaker takes job with firm at center of vaping controversy

September 16, 2016
An Indiana lawmaker who voted two years in a row for legislation that put one private company in control of who could manufacture e-liquid for sale in Indiana has now gone to work for a division of that firm.
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