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Lawsuit alleges SEC investigation, financial cover-up at Celadon

April 20, 2017
A Celadon Group Inc. investor has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Indianapolis-based trucking company is misleading shareholders about its financial status and covering up a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into the company.

Judge's ruling ends civil suit against former Irwin Union bank officers

April 3, 2017
An Indianapolis judge has ruled in favor of three former Irwin Union Bank & Trust Co. executives, closing the book on a civil suit that the bank’s bankruptcy trustee originally filed in 2011.

Hustler Hollywood sues Indianapolis over zoning roadblocks

January 6, 2017
Hustler Hollywood, which wants to open a retail store in Castleton, is suing the city of Indianapolis over a zoning denial that the company says is infringing on its constitutional right to operate a business.

Former ITT students seek creditor status in school's bankruptcy case

January 4, 2017
A group of former ITT Educational Services Inc. students are seeking legal recognition as creditors in ITT’s ongoing bankruptcy case.

Splenda owner sues Dunkin' Donuts over knockoff sweetener

November 10, 2016
The Carmel-based company that owns the Splenda sweetener brand says Dunkin’ Donuts is deceiving customers into thinking its donut shops offer Splenda when they actually offer a Chinese-made knockoff product.

Former employee files sexual harassment suit against Emmis

October 4, 2016
A former employee of Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications Corp. has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the media company, alleging it did not do enough to respond to her complaints that she was harassed and criticized by two producers at one of its sports-talk radio stations.

Indianapolis man sues Chipotle, others over sign collapse

September 30, 2016
An Indianapolis man who gained national attention after his car was crushed by a Chipotle sign on the north side has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant company as well as the property owner and manager.

EPA objects to Vertellus Specialties acquisition plan

September 6, 2016
Indianapolis-based chemical company Vertellus Specialties Inc. is at odds with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over whether its proposed sale would provide adequate resources to address environmental cleanup needs at Vertellus-owned sites in Indiana and elsewhere.

Interactive files federal patent suit against competitor

August 2, 2016
Indianapolis-based Interactive Intelligence Inc. has filed a federal patent lawsuit against Avaya Inc., a competitor with which Interactive Intelligence also had a long-standing patent license agreement.

City liable for sign firm's damages, judge rules

June 15, 2016
Indiana billboard company GEFT Outdoor LLC expects to seek millions of dollars in damages from the city of Indianapolis after a federal judge ruled that the city’s former sign ordinance was unconstitutional.
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