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  1. My daughter, her boyfriend and my grandchild lived with me for the first year of my grandchild's life then they all moved in with his parents. My daughter left. My grandchild spent weekends with me and stayed with the other grandparents through the week. My daughter is now married to a man who is a convicted felon. (for nearly beating another child to death!! He has 3 LIFETIME protective orders against him and TWO are CHILDREN!) Because I disapprove of this, my daughter is now saying I can NEVER see my grandchild again (as if her showing up finally gives her a superpower!) and I have not seen her for two weeks now. My grandchild cries to come to my house and cries because she does NOT want to go to my daughter's house. Her husband has already made threats toward my grandchild and says she needs PUNISHED more often and more severely! The two of them fight constantly! I'm NOT the type of Nana to ignore such things and "wait it out" or kiss ANYONE'S butt to see a child that I have helped raise for the past 4 years! I would rather go to court and plead my case in hopes that life, as she knows it, can continue unchanged for my grandchild's sake...but if the courts tie my hands and something happens to my grandchild...I WILL SUE THIS STATE! Grandparents do NOT want to raise their grandchildren! We are TIRED! Grandparents want to be GRANDPARENTS and we want SAFE AND HAPPY GRANDCHILDREN! It's only when that is placed at risk when we turn straight SAVAGE! I don't care who you are...parent, courts, step parent or the family dog...YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE GRANDKIDS! Sadly, most of the time, these court cases are due to the parents' very poor decision making skills and straight up vindictiveness. They use their kids as pawns in their spiteful games. They don't care if the child gets long as they win the right to use the child as their superpower over the grandparents. As IF that's even fair or right to the child or grandparents! If giving a child DNA gives you the right to do this to people who have raised the child and gives you the right to put that child in danger if you "see fit" then there is something VERY WRONG with our court system!

  2. File under the Sociology of Hoosier Discipline ... “We will be answering the complaint in due course and defending against the commission’s allegations,” said Indianapolis attorney Don Lundberg, who’s representing Hudson in her disciplinary case. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW ... Lundberg ran the statist attorney disciplinary machinery in Indy for decades, and is now the "go to guy" for those who can afford him .... the ultimate insider for the well-to-do and/or connected who find themselves in the crosshairs. It would appear that this former prosecutor knows how the game is played in Circle City ... and is sacrificing accordingly. See more on that here ... Legal sociologists could have a field day here ... I wonder why such things are never studied? Is a sacrifice to the well connected former regulators a de facto bribe? Such questions, if probed, could bring about a more just world, a more equal playing field, less Stalinist governance. All of the things that our preambles tell us to value could be advanced if only sunshine reached into such dark worlds. As a great jurist once wrote: "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." Other People's Money—and How Bankers Use It (1914). Ah, but I am certifiable, according to the Indiana authorities, according to the ISC it can be read, for believing such trite things and for advancing such unwanted thoughts. As a great albeit fictional and broken resistance leaders once wrote: "I am the dead." Winston Smith Let us all be dead to the idea of maintaining a patently unjust legal order.

  3. The Department of Education still has over $100 million of ITT Education Services money in the form of $100+ million Letters of Credit. That money was supposed to be used by The DOE to help students. The DOE did nothing to help students. The DOE essentially stole the money from ITT Tech and still has the money. The trustee should be going after the DOE to get the money back for people who are owed that money, including shareholders.

  4. Do you know who the sponsor of the last-minute amendment was?

  5. Law firms of over 50 don't deliver good value, thats what this survey really tells you. Anybody that has seen what they bill for compared to what they deliver knows that already, however.