10/2 - The Legacy of Watergate: Ethics of Representing an Entity Under the Current Model Rules (Hanover)

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Thursday  October 2, 2014 


The Legacy of Watergate
       John W. Dean (Beverly Hills, California)
Ethics of Representing an Entity Under the Current Model Rules
       James D. Robenalt (Cleveland, Ohio)

- Introduction, Chronology, and the Events That Followed John Dean’s June 1973 Testimony
- The Discovery of the Nixon Tapes and Its Aftermath
- A Cancer Grows

Date: Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014
Time (local time): 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Credit hours: 3.0 CLE/Ethics (Indiana & Kentucky)

Cost: $200.00

Go to www.hanover.edu to register.

Location: Hanover College
Lynn Center for Fine Arts, Fitzgibbon Recital Hall, 484 Ball Dr., Hanover 47243

Provider: Hanover College

Contact information:
Elsa Conboy
(812) 866-7005


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