Teresa Meredith et al. v. Mitch Daniels, et al. - 11/21/12

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Wednesday  November 21, 2012 
9:00 AM  EST

9 a.m. 49S00-1203-PL-172. This case involves constitutional challenges to Indiana’s “Choice Scholarship Program,” signed into law by Governor Daniels on May 5, 2011.  The Plaintiffs/Appellants are 12 citizen taxpayers opposed to the Program.  After denying Plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction, the Marion Superior Court, Judge Michael D. Keele presiding, entered summary judgment in favor of Defendants on January 13, 2012.  The Supreme Court granted transfer, pursuant to App. Rule 56(A), on March 16, 2012, therefore assuming jurisdiction over the appeal.

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