Winston K. Wood v. State of Indiana - 6/18/13

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Tuesday  June 18, 2013 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m. 53A05-1208-CR-42. Hoosier Boys State, Trine University. Winston K. Wood appeals his convictions for one count of leaving the scene of a boating accident resulting in serious bodily injury to a person, a Class D felony, and two counts of leaving the scene of a boating accident resulting in the death of a person, each as a Class C felony.  On appeal, Wood raises the following issues:  (1) whether the State presented sufficient evidence that Wood failed to comply with the duties required of a boater in an accident; (2) whether Indiana Code section 14-15-4-1 (pertaining to a boater’s duty during an accident) is unconstitutionally vague; (3) whether the trial court abused its discretion in denying Wood’s motion for discharge under Indiana Criminal Rule 4(C); and (4) whether Wood’s convictions and sentence violate principles of double jeopardy.

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  1. Thank you, John Smith, for pointing out a needed correction. The article has been revised.

  2. The "National institute for Justice" is an agency for the Dept of Justice. That is not the law firm you are talking about in this article. The "institute for justice" is a public interest law firm. thanks for interesting article however

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  4. It is wonderful that Indiana DOC is making some truly admirable and positive changes. People with serious mental illness, intellectual disability or developmental disability will benefit from these changes. It will be much better if people can get some help and resources that promote their health and growth than if they suffer alone. If people experience positive growth or healing of their health issues, they may be less likely to do the things that caused them to come to prison in the first place. This will be of benefit for everyone. I am also so happy that Indiana DOC added correctional personnel and mental health staffing. These are tough issues to work with. There should be adequate staffing in prisons so correctional officers and other staff are able to do the kind of work they really want to do-helping people grow and change-rather than just trying to manage chaos. Correctional officers and other staff deserve this. It would be great to see increased mental health services and services for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the community so that fewer people will have to receive help and support in prisons. Community services would like be less expensive, inherently less demeaning and just a whole lot better for everyone.

  5. Can I get this form on line,if not where can I obtain one. I am eligible.