Billy L. Musgrave, Jr. and Kim A. Musgrave v. Aluminum Company of America, et al. - 6/25/13

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Tuesday  June 25, 2013 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m. 87A04-1205-CT-276. Bil and Kim Musgrave filed suit against The Aluminum Company of America, Inc. and a subsidiary (“Alcoa”) alleging damages from their exposure to toxic chemicals Alcoa had dumped in Warrick County.  Following a three-week trial, a jury returned a general verdict in favor of Alcoa.  The Musgraves appeal and assert the following:  (1) that their complaint is not barred by Indiana’s two-year statute of limitations for tort actions; (2) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims against Alcoa arising from Bil’s alleged occupational exposure; and (3) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims for emotional distress under Indiana Trial Rule 12(B)(6).

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  1. by the time anybody gets to such files they will probably have been totally vacuumed anyways. they're pros at this at universities. anything to protect their incomes. Still, a laudable attempt. Let's go for throat though: how about the idea of unionizing football college football players so they can get a fair shake for their work? then if one of the players is a pain in the neck cut them loose instead of protecting them. if that kills the big programs, great, what do they have to do with learning anyways? nada. just another way for universities to rake in the billions even as they skate from paying taxes with their bogus "nonprofit" status.

  2. Um the affidavit from the lawyer is admissible, competent evidence of reasonableness itself. And anybody who had done law work in small claims court would not have blinked at that modest fee. Where do judges come up with this stuff? Somebody is showing a lack of experience and it wasn't the lawyers

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  4. Females now rule over every appellate court in Indiana, and from the federal southern district, as well as at the head of many judicial agencies. Give me a break, ladies! Can we men organize guy-only clubs to tell our sob stories about being too sexy for our shirts and not being picked for appellate court openings? Nope, that would be sexist! Ah modernity, such a ball of confusion.

  5. LOL thanks Jennifer, thanks to me for reading, but not reading closely enough! I thought about it after posting and realized such is just what was reported. My bad. NOW ... how about reporting who the attorneys were raking in the Purdue alum dollars?