Billy L. Musgrave, Jr. and Kim A. Musgrave v. Aluminum Company of America, et al. - 6/25/13

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Tuesday  June 25, 2013 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m. 87A04-1205-CT-276. Bil and Kim Musgrave filed suit against The Aluminum Company of America, Inc. and a subsidiary (“Alcoa”) alleging damages from their exposure to toxic chemicals Alcoa had dumped in Warrick County.  Following a three-week trial, a jury returned a general verdict in favor of Alcoa.  The Musgraves appeal and assert the following:  (1) that their complaint is not barred by Indiana’s two-year statute of limitations for tort actions; (2) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims against Alcoa arising from Bil’s alleged occupational exposure; and (3) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims for emotional distress under Indiana Trial Rule 12(B)(6).

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  1. For many years this young man was "family" being my cousin's son. Then he decided to ignore my existence and that of my daughter who was very hurt by his actions after growing up admiring, Jason. Glad he is doing well, as for his opinion, if you care so much you wouldn't ignore the feelings of those who cared so much about you for years, Jason.

  2. Good riddance to this dangerous activist judge

  3. What is the one thing the Hoosier legal status quo hates more than a whistleblower? A lawyer whistleblower taking on the system man to man. That must never be rewarded, must always, always, always be punished, lest the whole rotten tree be felled.

  4. I want to post this to keep this tread alive and hope more of David's former clients might come forward. In my case, this coward of a man represented me from June 2014 for a couple of months before I fired him. I knew something was wrong when he blatantly lied about what he had advised me in my contentious and unfortunate divorce trial. His impact on the proceedings cast a very long shadow and continues to impact me after a lengthy 19 month divorce. I would join a class action suit.

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