Billy L. Musgrave, Jr. and Kim A. Musgrave v. Aluminum Company of America, et al. - 6/25/13

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Tuesday  June 25, 2013 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m. 87A04-1205-CT-276. Bil and Kim Musgrave filed suit against The Aluminum Company of America, Inc. and a subsidiary (“Alcoa”) alleging damages from their exposure to toxic chemicals Alcoa had dumped in Warrick County.  Following a three-week trial, a jury returned a general verdict in favor of Alcoa.  The Musgraves appeal and assert the following:  (1) that their complaint is not barred by Indiana’s two-year statute of limitations for tort actions; (2) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims against Alcoa arising from Bil’s alleged occupational exposure; and (3) that the trial court erroneously dismissed their claims for emotional distress under Indiana Trial Rule 12(B)(6).

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  3. Typo on # of Indiana counties

  4. The Supreme Court is very proud that they are Giving a billion dollar public company from Texas who owns Odyssey a statewide monopoly which consultants have said is not unnecessary but worse they have already cost Hoosiers well over $100 MILLION, costing tens of millions every year and Odyssey is still not connected statewide which is in violation of state law. The Supreme Court is using taxpayer money and Odyssey to compete against a Hoosier company who has the only system in Indiana that is connected statewide and still has 40 of the 82 counties despite the massive spending and unnecessary attacks

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