A.C. vs. N.C. - 9/24-13

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Tuesday  September 24, 2013 
10:00 AM  EST

10 a.m., 20A04-1301-DR-37. A.C. and N.J. were in a same-sex domestic relationship, during which they decided to have a child.  N.J. was artificially inseminated using sperm from an unidentified donor, and she gave birth to C.J. in April 2008.  A.C. and N.J. split up in August 2010, and, with N.J.’s consent, A.C. had regular visitation with C.J. for approximately nine months.  Thereafter, N.J. ended all contact between A.C. and C.J.  A.C. subsequently filed an action seeking joint custody and visitation with C.J., which the trial court denied.  A.C. now appeals. The Scheduled Panel Members are Judges Baker, Friedlander, and, Vaidik. Location: Indiana Court of Appeals Courtroom, State House, Room 413, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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