Richard E. Simmons vs. State of Indiana - 10/7/13

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Monday  October 7, 2013 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m., 55A01-1209-CR-444. Richard Simmons was convicted of eight offenses arising out of an incident where he shot at police officers who were trying to serve a warrant on him.  He argues on appeal he should not have been convicted of attempted murder because the police he shot at were behind a wall and there was no evidence he knew they were there.  Simmons also argues the jury was not properly instructed and his sentence was inappropriate. The Scheduled Panel Members are Judges May, Pyle, and, Senior Judge Shepard.  Location:  Randall T. Shepard Academy For Law And Special Justice, Harrison High School Auditorium,  211 Fielding Road, Evansville, Indiana

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  1. So the prosecutor made an error and the defendants get a full remedy. Just one short paragraph to undo the harm of the erroneous prosecution. Wow. Just wow.

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