Duane Jadrich v. State of Indiana - 11/19/13

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Tuesday  November 19, 2013 
2:00 PM  EST

2 p.m. 32A04-1302-CR-67. Lawrence North High School, Indianapolis. Duane Jadrich appeals from his convictions for Class A misdemeanor marijuana possession and Class A misdemeanor paraphernalia possession.  Jadrich argues that the evidence supporting his convictions should be suppressed because:  (1) police found marijuana only after entering a fenced-in backyard, despite the presence of signage directing visitors to only use the front door; (2) police found paraphernalia  in Jadrich’s home after telling him that he could either consent to a search or a search warrant would be obtained; and (3) Jadrich was allegedly in custody when police sought his consent to search his home, but police failed to advise him that he could consult with an attorney, as required by the Indiana Constitution.

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