Purdue University v. Michael A. Wartell - 12/17/13

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Tuesday  December 17, 2013 
2:00 PM  EST

2 p.m. 79A02-1304-PL-342. In this interlocutory appeal, appellant-defendant Purdue University appeals the order of the trial court determining that it may not assert the attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product doctrine to withhold documents and other tangibles from appellee-plaintiff Michael A. Wartell. Wartell, the Chancellor at the Fort Wayne campus of Indiana University-Purdue University, had filed a complaint against Purdue’s president. Because the complaint was to be internally investigated, a process was agreed upon, which included the use of a third-party, neutral investigator. Purdue, without information Wartell, chose its own attorney to serve in that capacity. Wartell requested the report generated from the investigation; Purdue denied Wartell’s request. Following the trial court’s order granting Wartell’s request on equitable grounds, this appeal ensues.

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