Larry R. David, II v. William Kleckner, M.D. - 2/6/14

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Thursday  February 6, 2014 
10:30 AM  EST

10:30 a.m. No. 49A02-1301-MI-13 . When the defendant sought summary judgment on grounds that the Medical Malpractice Act’s two-year statute of limitations bars the plaintiff’s complaint, the Marion Superior Court granted the defendant summary judgment. The Court of Appeals affirmed, holding the trial court properly found that statute of limitations bars the malpractice claim and that the doctrine of fraudulent concealment does not prevent the defendant from asserting the statute of limitations. David v. Kleckner, No. 49A02-1301-MI-13 (Ind. Ct. App. June 14, 2013) (NFP mem. dec.). The plaintiff has petitioned the Supreme Court to accept jurisdiction over the appeal.

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