Re: Banks v. Jamison, dba Automotive Hammerart - 5/12/14

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Monday  May 12, 2014 
1:30 PM  EST

1:30 p.m. 49A02-1304-PL-362. Appellant, Terry Banks, appeals the trial court’s order granting partial summary judgment to Appellee, Denny Jamison d/b/a Automotive HammerArt, who had previously foreclosed on a mechanic’s lien against Appellant—pursuant to Indiana’s possessory mechanic lien statute—for unpaid work done to Appellant’s car.  When granting partial summary judgment to Appellee, the trial court concluded that Appellant was estopped from collaterally attacking Appellee’s mechanic’s lien and the foreclosure sale of Appellant’s vehicle.
Pursuant to Indiana Appellate Rule 41, Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana, Inc. has filed an appearance in this case as amicus curiae and has filed an appellate brief substantively aligned with Appellee.

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  1. Being dedicated to a genre keeps it alive until the masses catch up to the "trend." Kent and Bill are keepin' it LIVE!! Thank you know your JAZZ.

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  3. If our State Government would sue for their rights to grow HEMP like Kentucky did we would not have these issues. AND for your INFORMATION many medical items are also made from HEMP. FOOD, FUEL,FIBER,TEXTILES and MEDICINE are all uses for this plant. South Bend was built on Hemp. Our states antiquated fear of cannabis is embarrassing on the world stage. We really need to lead the way rather than follow. Some day.. we will have freedom in Indiana. And I for one will continue to educate the good folks of this state to the beauty and wonder of this magnificent plant.

  4. Put aside all the marijuana concerns, we are talking about food and fiber uses here. The federal impediments to hemp cultivation are totally ridiculous. Preposterous. Biggest hemp cultivators are China and Europe. We get most of ours from Canada. Hemp is as versatile as any crop ever including corn and soy. It's good the governor laid the way for this, regrettable the buffoons in DC stand in the way. A statutory relic of the failed "war on drugs"

  5. Cannabis is GOOD for our PEOPLE and GOOD for our STATE... 78% would like to see legal access to the product line for better Hoosier Heath. There is a 25% drop in PAIN KILLER Overdoses in states where CANNABIS is legal.