Charles R. Stephenson v. State of Indiana - 6/26/14

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Thursday  June 26, 2014 
9:00 AM  EST

9 a.m. 15S00-1401-LW-4. Following a jury trial in the Dearborn Circuit Court, Charles Stephenson was convicted of murdering and robbing Leigh Jennings in her home on March 29, 2012.  Committing the murder during the robbery made Stephenson eligible for an LWOP sentence.  Ind. Code § 35-50-2-9(a)(1)(G). The jury recommended a sentence of life without the possibility of parole, and Stephenson was sentenced accordingly. On appeal, Stephenson raises several issues relating to the proof at trial, the LWOP sentence, and the admission of certain evidence.  This appeal comes directly to the Supreme Court because it is an appeal of the conviction and an LWOP sentence was imposed.  See Ind. Appellate Rule 4(A)(1)(a).

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