Dodson v. Carlson, et al. - 6/19/14

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Thursday  June 19, 2014 
1:00 PM  EST

1 p.m. 49A04-1305-CT-267. Trine University. Curt Carlson was driving home from a business meeting at a hotel when he struck a disabled vehicle. Carlson drank alcohol at the meeting. The collision killed its driver, Eboni Dodson. Dodson's estate sued Carlson's employer, Seven Corners, alleging that Seven Corners was liable for Carlson's actions under the theory of respondeat superior. The trial court granted summary judgment for Seven Corners on the ground that Carlson was not acting in the scope of his employment when he hit Dodson's car.

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  1. Finally, an official that realizes that reducing the risks involved in the indulgence in illicit drug use is a great way to INCREASE the problem. What's next for these idiot 'proponents' of needle exchange programs? Give drunk drivers booze? Give grossly obese people coupons for free junk food?

  2. That comment on this e-site, which reports on every building, courtroom or even insignificant social movement by beltway sycophants as being named to honor the yet-quite-alive former chief judge, is truly laughable!

  3. Is this a social parallel to the Mosby prosecutions in Baltimore? Progressive ideology ever seeks Pilgrims to burn at the stake. (I should know.)

  4. The Conour embarrassment is an example of why it would be a good idea to NOT name public buildings or to erect monuments to "worthy" people until AFTER they have been dead three years, at least. And we also need to stop naming federal buildings and roads after a worthless politician whose only achievement was getting elected multiple times (like a certain Congressman after whom we renamed the largest post office in the state). Also, why have we renamed BOTH the Center Township government center AND the new bus terminal/bum hangout after Julia Carson?

  5. Other than a complete lack of any verifiable and valid historical citations to back your wild context-free accusations, you also forget to allege "ate Native American children, ate slave children, ate their own children, and often did it all while using salad forks rather than dinner forks." (gasp)