Melvin Wolf v. State of Indiana - 3/29/17

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Wednesday  March 29, 2017 
1:00 PM  EST

1 p.m. 10A01-1607-CR-01560. University of Southern Indiana. Wolf went to the race track to watch his son’s race.  Another driver, Kevin Blue, beat Wolf’s son.  The two racers’ cars collided on the track.  After the race, Wolf approached Blue in the “weigh-in” area.  Wolf called Blue names.  When Blue turned around, either he grabbed Wolf and Wolf punched him or Wolf just punched him.  Both men ended up on the ground, scuffling, until they were pulled apart.  Later, Wolf was arrested and charged with battery.  During the bench trial, Wolf claimed self-defense.  The trial court found him guilty and sentenced him to six months, suspended to probation.

Wolf argues the State did not refute his self-defense claim.  He claims the trial court erred in finding the fact he called Blue names constituted provocation.  Wolf asserts he had a constitutional right to do so.  Additionally, Wolf was not in a place he was not allowed to be and he only struck Blue in self-defense after Blue grabbed Wolf’s shirt.  He also claims Blue’s testimony was incredibly dubious because it differed from the original police report.
The State counters the trial court was presented with sufficient evidence to find Wolf guilty.  Wolf did not withdraw from the encounter; thus, a successful self-defense claim was not supported.  The State the trial testimony was not incredibly dubious.

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  1. From his recent appearance on WRTV to this story here, Frank is everywhere. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, although he should stop using Eric Schnauffer for his 7th Circuit briefs. They're not THAT hard.

  2. They learn our language prior to coming here. My grandparents who came over on the boat, had to learn English and become familiarize with Americas customs and culture. They are in our land now, speak ENGLISH!!

  3. @ Rebecca D Fell, I am very sorry for your loss. I think it gives the family solace and a bit of closure to go to a road side memorial. Those that oppose them probably did not experience the loss of a child or a loved one.

  4. If it were your child that died maybe you'd be more understanding. Most of us don't have graves to visit. My son was killed on a state road and I will be putting up a memorial where he died. It gives us a sense of peace to be at the location he took his last breath. Some people should be more understanding of that.

  5. Can we please take notice of the connection between the declining state of families across the United States and the RISE OF CPS INVOLVEMENT??? They call themselves "advocates" for "children's rights", however, statistics show those children whom are taken from, even NEGLIGENT homes are LESS likely to become successful, independent adults!!! Not to mention the undeniable lack of respect and lack of responsibility of the children being raised today vs the way we were raised 20 years ago, when families still existed. I was born in 1981 and I didn't even ever hear the term "CPS", in fact, I didn't even know they existed until about ten years ago... Now our children have disagreements between friends and they actually THREATEN EACH OTHER WITH, "I'll call CPS" or "I'll have [my parent] (usually singular) call CPS"!!!! And the truth is, no parent is perfect and we all have flaws and make mistakes, but it is RIGHTFULLY OURS - BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS GREAT NATION - to be imperfect. Let's take a good look at what kind of parenting those that are stealing our children are doing, what kind of adults are they producing? WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN THAT HAVE BEEN RIPPED FROM THEIR FAMILY AND THAT CHILD'S SUCCESS - or otherwise - AS AN ADULT.....