Magnus-Stinson takes helm as chief of Indiana’s Southern District

December 14, 2016
When Jane Magnus-Stinson isn’t presiding over cases in one of the busiest federal district courts in the nation, she seems to be just as busy. And her workload just increased. On Nov. 23, Magnus-Stinson began her seven-year appointment as chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.More.

District court declines to stop Supreme Court disciplinary hearing

January 24, 2017
A federal judge has declined to intervene in an Indiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding against a northern Indiana attorney who claims he is being discriminated against in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.More.

Supreme Court suspends attorney for misrepresentation, domestic battery

January 24, 2017
The Indiana Supreme Court has suspended from practice a Chicago attorney who misrepresented his abilities to a client and was convicted of battery against his wife.More.

Birth certificate battle headed to 7th Circuit

January 24, 2017
Indiana’s battle over who can be listed on a birth certificate is headed for another round with the state filing an appeal of a federal court’s ruling that allows non-birth mothers to be listed on their children’s birth certificates.More.

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Court allows release of juvenile offender ID for HIV study

The Indiana Supreme Court has approved the release of identifying information of young offenders in juvenile courts, including full names and partial social security numbers, as part of a scholarly study into health care utilization and quality for juvenile offenders.More.

COA: Trial court lacked jurisdiction to order BMV to act

The Indiana Court of Appeals found in favor of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Monday after finding that a litigant’s failure to comply with the Administrative Order and Procedures Act left a trial court without jurisdiction to order the BMV to act on the litigant’s petition.More.

Supreme Court rejects Texas appeal over voter ID law

The Supreme Court of the United States on Monday rejected an appeal from Texas in its effort to restore its strict voter identification law, but the case could return to the court later.More.

Oakes to preside over Marion Superior Executive Committee

Marion Superior Civil Division 2 Judge Tim Oakes has been elected the presiding judge of the Marion Superior Executive Committee, which oversees the operation and conduct of the court.More.

Couple who claim bank's actions led to their divorce lose appeal

An Indiana attorney and her ex-husband couldn’t convince the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that a bank violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act with regards to an errant insurance payment and that alleged error led to their divorce and caused $300,000 in damages.More.

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Online Extra: Judicial Roundtable 2014

When Loretta Rush was named chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court in August, Indiana hit a milestone. For the first time, all of our state's appellate courts were being led by women. Indiana Lawyer recently invited Rush, Indiana Court of Appeals Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik, Indiana Tax Judge Martha Wentworth and Chief Judge Robyn Moberly of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana's Bankruptcy Court to discuss their career paths as well as opportunities and challenges today's courts and lawyers face.More.

Improving a child's access to counsel

A proposed draft rule would change waiver procedures in the juvenile justice system.More.

Early intervention for juveniles

A new law, along with pilot programs, encourage alternatives to keep kids out of courts.More.

Views shift on use of executions

What if 1976 hadn’t played out the way it did, and some of the jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court had held the view of capital punishment at that juncture that they did at the end of their judicial careers? The death penalty may never have been reinstated.More.

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