No slowdown in expungements

February 22, 2017
The number of petitions filed around the state remains high, but clerks and attorneys say they have adjusted to the workload.More.

Republicans in position to reshape federal bench

April 24, 2017
Republicans have put President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee on the bench, and they're now in a position to fill dozens more federal judgeships — and reshape some of the nation's highest courts.More.

Gorsuch faced early test in court's life-and-death power

April 24, 2017
Just 11 days on the job, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch had an early taste of the weighty power that sometimes comes to a member of the nation's highest court.More.

Supreme Court turns away GM appeal over ignition switches

April 24, 2017
The Supreme Court of the United States on Monday turned away an appeal from General Motors Co. seeking to block dozens of lawsuits over faulty ignition switches that one plaintiffs' attorney said could expose the company to billions of dollars in additional claims.More.

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Gorsuch faced early test in court's life-and-death power

Just 11 days on the job, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch had an early taste of the weighty power that sometimes comes to a member of the nation's highest court.More.

Justices affirm denial of PCR to man whose attorney called him a ‘Negro’

The Indiana Supreme Court has affirmed the denial of post-conviction relief to a man who said his attorney prejudiced him by referring to him as a “Negro” during the selection of jurors, but noted that the Court of Appeals misstated the legal standard of prejudice it applied when making its decision.More.

Wabash College to honor 7th Circuit chief judge

Chief Judge Diane P. Wood of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals will be honored Monday by Wabash College as the 2017 recipient of the David W. Peck Senior Medal for Eminence in the Law. She is the second woman to receive the award since it was first given in 1974.More.

COA hears malpractice case involving former Conour associate

Roughly five years after former Indianapolis personal injury attorney William Conour was charged in a federal wire fraud case, the Indiana Court of Appeals heard a legal malpractice action involving one of his ex-colleagues for alleged malpractice. One of Conour's victims claims the attorney's actions kept her in the dark about theft of her settlement money.More.

Holcomb’s Supreme Court pick will be a trial judge

With the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission’s stamp of approval next to their names, three trial court judges are waiting to learn who among them will be selected as the state’s next Supreme Court justice.More.

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Online Extra: Judicial Roundtable 2014

When Loretta Rush was named chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court in August, Indiana hit a milestone. For the first time, all of our state's appellate courts were being led by women. Indiana Lawyer recently invited Rush, Indiana Court of Appeals Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik, Indiana Tax Judge Martha Wentworth and Chief Judge Robyn Moberly of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana's Bankruptcy Court to discuss their career paths as well as opportunities and challenges today's courts and lawyers face.More.

Improving a child's access to counsel

A proposed draft rule would change waiver procedures in the juvenile justice system.More.

Early intervention for juveniles

A new law, along with pilot programs, encourage alternatives to keep kids out of courts.More.

Views shift on use of executions

What if 1976 hadn’t played out the way it did, and some of the jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court had held the view of capital punishment at that juncture that they did at the end of their judicial careers? The death penalty may never have been reinstated.More.

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