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APRIL 22-MAY 5, 2015
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A retired lawyer is among the elite few to participate in every 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, which began in 1977. Bettie Page’s name and image popularized by once-scandalous pinups from the 1940s and 1950s remain hot properties still able to stir up trouble. The integration between Eskenzi Health and Indiana Legal Services coupled with the sustained effort to remedy the Medicaid waiver issue earned the Midtown Partnership national recognition.

Top Stories

Medical-legal partnership honored for work on Medicaid waiver issue

The integration between Eskenzai Health and Indiana Legal Services coupled with the sustained effort to remedy the waiver issue earned the Midtown Partnership national recognition. In April, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership presented the Indianapolis-based partnership with a 2015 Outstanding MLP Award.

Dearborn County judges headed to trial on discrimination claims

Two judges and a magistrate judge in Dearborn County appear headed to trial in federal court on a discrimination claim arising from their decision not to provide a sign language interpreter for a courtroom spectator.

Marion County justice center debate proves divisive

Nearly a year-and-a-half after Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, Marion County Sheriff John Layton and other community leaders laid out a vision for an Indianapolis criminal justice center, its future is clouded as late opposition resulted in a major setback to the plan.

A killing in community corrections

Alan E. Cain drove on a forfeited license in March 2013, a probation violation that landed him in an Indianapolis work-release program. Sixteen days later, he was dead.

Retired lawyer among few who have run every 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

A few miles into the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon on May 2, retired lawyer Eugene Lausch will reach a fitting milestone: He will have run 500 miles in the event.


Sanctioning Bettie Page

Bettie Page’s name and image popularized by once-scandalous pinups from the 1940s and 1950s remain hot properties still able to stir up trouble.

Intellectual property issues are increasingly arising in other practice areas

Intellectual property is no longer the geeky practice area, and it is going to continue to become more and more prominent. Patent and trademark issues continue to emerge in practice areas such as family law, estate planning and business law.

McCauley: Are you prepared for a data breach litigation?

Data breaches can be very stressful events for an organization and counsel should be prepared to help a client navigate the complexities of a proper response. At the end of the day, maintaining the client’s ongoing relationship with its customers and its reputation in the marketplace should be the primary goal of the client and counsel.

Lechleiter: PTO improves adversarial procedures for challenging patents

As the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues more and more patents each year, inevitably many companies will find themselves named as defendants in patent-infringement litigation.


Making Rain: Use these tips to improve email etiquette

Maybe you are thinking, “What does email etiquette have to with business development?” Generally, quite a lot.

Hammerle On… 'Fast & Furious 7,' 'While We're Young'

Bob Hammerle says even if you have to wear a disguise, you should go see "Fast & Furious 7."

Living Fit: It's up to you to be happy

For most of us, the answer to the question, “Are you happy?” depends upon who we’re with, our health, work life, finances and family dynamics.

Indiana Lawyer owner reflects on paper’s 25-year history

The Indiana Lawyer was launched 25 years ago with a quest to have a prestigious publication that would be educational and enjoyable, and have a positive impact on the legal community.

In Brief

Evansville residency ordinance hearing to be broadcast

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush has approved a Vanderburgh Superior judge’s request that an en banc hearing be held regarding an ordinance passed last year that says a person appointed to a board serving the city of Evansville must live in the city.

IU Maurer partners with 5 more schools for scholarships

Indiana University Maurer School of Law announced Tuesday that it has signed partnerships expanding its scholarship and mentoring program with five Midwestern colleges and universities, including DePauw University in Greencastle.

Judge: Notre Dame police aren't subject to open records law

A judge in South Bend has ruled the University of Notre Dame’s police department isn't subject to Indiana’s open records laws, saying that is how the law has been understood for years and it would not be appropriate for the court to rewrite the statute.

Woman freed after wrongful conviction wants 2 suits combined

A woman wrongfully convicted of setting a fire that killed her 3-year-old son wants her two lawsuits alleging that investigators framed her combined into a single case.

COA now recording select 'Appeals on Wheels' arguments

When the Indiana Court of Appeals hits the road to hear arguments, some of those will now be recorded and archived online.

Law firms raise $39,000 for Lung Association

Indianapolis law firms smashed a fundraising goal of $35,000, raising more than $39,000 in the annual American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb Law Firm Challenge. Teams collected donations and climbed to the top of downtown Indy's Chase Tower.

Bob Woodward to speak at Indiana Bar Foundation anniversary dinner

In November, the Indiana Bar Foundation will commemorate its 65 years of ensuring that everyone has legal representation and that Hoosier students have an opportunity to learn about the Constitution and democracy.

Records: Ex-IPFW chancellor, Purdue settled suit for $52,500

Documents say Purdue University paid $52,500 to a former Fort Wayne campus chancellor in a settlement over an age discrimination lawsuit.

IU Maurer professor remembered for criminal justice work

A longtime professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law is being remembered as a ‘crusader for justice’ by those he worked with and taught. 

Helping to plan for difficult decisions

Attorney volunteers offered their services during a pro bono clinic at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis to give patients a little peace of mind.

Special Sections

Indiana Court Decisions - April 1 to 14, 2015

Read recent appellate decisions from Indiana courts.

On The Move

On the Move - 4/22/15

Read who's recently joined an Indiana firm or appointed to serve on a committee.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions - 4/22/15

Read who recently resigned from the Indiana bar.

Bar Associations

IndyBar: Register today for Bench Bar 2015!

Call it Bench Bar 2.0: the event IndyBar members have grown to love over the last 20 years is back and better than ever, with nationally known speakers and a rejuvenated format featuring quick-hitting, high-impact TEDTalk style sessions on fresh, thought-provoking topics.

IndyBar: Financial Damages Expert Opinions: What’s the Difference?

Oftentimes, it is curious how opposing financial damages experts, when presented with the same set of facts in a contested matter, can arrive at opinions with such wide disparities in their respective quantifications of damages.

Trimble: The Time for a New Justice Center is Now

Your Indianapolis Bar Association continues to advocate for local government leaders to face the justice system facilities crisis head on, urging prompt action on whatever financing model can be agreed upon to move a project forward toward construction.

IndyBar: Help the Homeless: Pro Bono Training and Free CLE Available at Upcoming Program

Many people who call Indy home need legal assistance – even those without a home to live in. Attorneys have the opportunity to help homeless individuals with their legal issues, and an upcoming IndyBar program on April 29 will provide the training to do so.
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  1. Oh yes, lifetime tenure. The Founders gave that to the federal judges .... at that time no federal district courts existed .... so we are talking the Supreme Court justices only in context that they could rule against traditional marriage and for the other pet projects of the sixties generation. Right. Hmmmm, but I must admit, there is something from that time frame that seems to recommend itself in this context ..... on yes, from a document the Founders penned in 1776: " He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good."

  2. Payday loans take advantage of people in many ways. It's great to hear that the courts are using some of their sins to pay money back to the community. Hopefully this will help change the culture of many loan companies, and make lending a much safer endeavor for those in need.

  3. A traditional parade of attorneys? Really Evansville? Y'all need to get out more. When is the traditional parade of notaries? Nurses? Sanitation workers? Pole dancers? I gotta wonder, do throngs of admiring citizens gather to laud these marching servants of the constitution? "Show us your billing records!!!" Hoping some video gets posted. Ours is not a narcissistic profession by any chance, is it? Nah .....

  4. My previous comment not an aside at court. I agree with smith. Good call. Just thought posting here a bit on the if it bleeds it leads side. Most attorneys need to think of last lines of story above.

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