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NOV. 18-DEC. 1, 2015
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Seeing an opportunity in helping businesses and lawyers with discovery in an electronic world, Hamish Cohen and three of his attorney colleagues – Ray Biederman, Sean Burke and Jon Mattingly – launched Proteus Discovery Group. The Indiana Supreme Court is weighing whether the state RICO-inspired statute should apply to street crimes.

Top Stories

Dickson: ‘I was ready and the time was right’

Retirement of the second-longest serving justice opens up the fourth Supreme Court vacancy in five years.

4 attorneys disrupt market by launching legal services company in Indianapolis

Seeing an opportunity in helping businesses and lawyers with discovery in an electronic world, Hamish Cohen and three of his attorney colleagues – Ray Biederman, Sean Burke and Jon Mattingly – launched Proteus Discovery Group.

Grants boost help for homeowners facing foreclosure

The money is part of the $584,646 the Indiana Bar Foundation received from the Bank of America settlement with the federal government over the bank’s sale, structuring and issuance of residential mortgage-backed securities and certain other mortgage loans.

Lawyers reflect on service during Desert Storm

Every Veterans Day, Indianapolis solo practitioner Mark King keeps his office closed and spends the time reading cards from his mom and trading stories with others who served.

Justices weigh whether state RICO-inspired statute applies to street crimes

Ashonta Kenya Jackson was the wheelman, driving a getaway car while younger men robbed an Anderson liquor store twice in a month and held up a bank. Is he a racketeer?

Lawyers say Marion County certified mail notice is broken

Attorneys filing collections cases in Indianapolis say they’re at their wits’ end trying to determine whether summonses have been served on defendants long after cases have been opened.


What's in a domain name?

New .law Internet domain names offer lawyers and firms a rare chance to create an online brand that conveys to consumers a prestigious, professional identity. Or, .law names might just confuse people.

O'Neil: Litigating in a paperless environment

If you walked down the hallway of the average law firm in the year 2000, what would you see? Paper, and a lot of it!


Hammerle on ... 'Room,' 'Spectre'

Bob Hammerle says "Room" is a movie experience that you cannot help but dread.

Making Rain: Abiding by rules 7.1 and 7.2 in a #DigitalWorld

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an Indiana Lawyer CLE program on how lawyers and law firms should interpret the professional code of conduct regarding digital advertising and communications. My conclusion from the entire discussion is that there are a few things that are clear and there is a lot that is still pretty fuzzy.

Marquez: Take simple steps to save your assets

We have all been there at some point: having spent an inordinate amount of time getting a document phrased perfectly and in an instant it is all gone.

Federal Bar Update: Significant rule changes coming Dec. 1

Significant changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure take effect to civil cases filed on or after Dec. 1, or to cases already pending to the extent just and practicable. The Supreme Court of the United States approved these changes in April, and Congress has taken no action to stop them becoming effective.

Dean's Desk: New Wintersession offers learning, networking opportunities

This January – while other law schools’ students remain on winter break – our students will be diligently at work, honing their legal skills and knowledge in a fast-paced, weeklong program taught by leading lawyers and business executives from around the country.

In Brief

Teacher, diocese file motions to dismiss discrimination suit

Both the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and a former teacher who was fired after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments have filed motions to dismiss a lawsuit.

Indiana judge dismisses suit targeting new sex offender law

A new Indiana law that bans many sex offenders from venturing onto school property doesn't prevent most from worshipping at churches that house schools on their grounds, attorneys in a recently dismissed lawsuit say.

Appeals court delivers setback to Obama's immigration plan

A federal appeals court has ruled against President Barack Obama's plan to protect an estimated 5 million people living in the United States illegally from deportation.

Firm files class action over lower corn prices

An Indiana law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against one of the world’s largest seed and agrochemical companies in an effort to allow more time for individual farmers to sue the company after corn prices plummeted last year.

Hotels must pay EEOC legal fees for contempt of consent decree

Companies that own an east side Indianapolis hotel have been ordered to pay the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission $57,248 in attorney fees and costs after violating a consent decree settling a race discrimination lawsuit.

Comment sought on local bankruptcy rules

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana is accepting comments on proposed changes to its local rules. The changes primarily update references to the national forms.

4 vie for Judicial Nominating Commission position

Lawyers mostly in southern Indiana are selecting one of their peers to have a say in who will be the next justice appointed to the Indiana Supreme Court.

Special Sections

Indiana Court Decisions - Oct. 28 to Nov. 10, 2015

Read recent Indiana appellate decisions.

On The Move

Lawyers on the Move

Read who's recently joined an Indiana firm, joined a board or honored for their work.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions - 11/18/15

Read who's recently resigned from the Indiana bar.

Bar Associations

DTCI: Is Fido a product?

Examining the standard under the Indiana Product Liability Act.

DTCI Award Recipients Named

In conjunction with its 2015 annual meeting in Bloomington Nov. 19-20, the DTCI will recognize the outstanding defense lawyers of the year. The awards ceremony will be held during the board of directors’ dinner on Nov. 18.

DTCI: Amicus Service Recognized

A special ceremony honoring two retiring members of the Amicus Committee will be held during the DTCI Annual Conference lunch on Thursday, Nov. 19.

DTCI: Paralegal Service Project Success

The DTCI Paralegals raised more than $3,000 in support of a 10-member special operations detachment currently stationed overseas. The donations went toward personal care items, gift cards, and headphones for the soldiers.

Trimble: ‘Believe What You Wish To Believe: The Decision Is Yours’

On Friday, Nov. 6th, I had the opportunity to represent the Indianapolis Bar Association at a very special naturalization ceremony that was conducted at the site of the 39th annual Indy International Festival. One hundred and ninety five individuals from 62 countries took the oath of citizenship that day and became newly-minted United States citizens.

IndyBar: Get Tips, Year’s Worth of CLE Credit

These are challenging times for lawyers and law firms, especially for solo and small firm practitioners. Whether you are newly graduated, considering transitioning to the solo/small firm world or a seasoned pro, the IndyBar’s Survive & Thrive 2015 program coming up on Wed., Dec. 9 will help you build and brush up on essential tools, information and connections to help move beyond surviving and into thriving in the practice of law.

IndyBar: Around the Bar

Read news from around the IndyBar!

IndyBar: Frontlines - 11/18/15

News from the IndyBar.
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  1. I have an open CHINS case I failed a urine screen I have since got clean completed IOP classes now in after care passed home inspection my x sister in law has my children I still don't even have unsupervised when I have been clean for over 4 months my x sister wants to keep the lids for good n has my case working with her I just discovered n have proof that at one of my hearing dcs case worker stated in court to the judge that a screen was dirty which caused me not to have unsupervised this was at the beginning two weeks after my initial screen I thought the weed could have still been in my system was upset because they were suppose to check levels n see if it was going down since this was only a few weeks after initial instead they said dirty I recently requested all of my screens from redwood because I take prescriptions that will show up n I was having my doctor look at levels to verify that matched what I was prescripted because dcs case worker accused me of abuseing when I got my screens I found out that screen I took that dcs case worker stated in court to judge that caused me to not get granted unsupervised was actually negative what can I do about this this is a serious issue saying a parent failed a screen in court to judge when they didn't please advise

  2. I have a degree at law, recent MS in regulatory studies. Licensed in KS, admitted b4 S& 7th circuit, but not to Indiana bar due to political correctness. Blacklisted, nearly unemployable due to hostile state action. Big Idea: Headwinds can overcome, esp for those not within the contours of the bell curve, the Lego Movie happiness set forth above. That said, even without the blacklisting for holding ideas unacceptable to the Glorious State, I think the idea presented above that a law degree open many vistas other than being a galley slave to elitist lawyers is pretty much laughable. (Did the law professors of Indiana pay for this to be published?)

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  4. Joe, you might want to do some reading on the fate of Hoosier whistleblowers before you get your expectations raised up.

  5. I had a hospital and dcs caseworker falsify reports that my child was born with drugs in her system. I filed a complaint with the Indiana department of health....and they found that the hospital falsified drug screens in their investigation. Then I filed a complaint with human health services in Washington DC...dcs drug Testing is unregulated and is indicating false positives...they are currently being investigated by human health services. Then I located an attorney and signed contracts one month ago to sue dcs and Anderson community hospital. Once the suit is filed I am taking out a loan against the suit and paying a law firm to file a writ of mandamus challenging the courts jurisdiction to invoke chins case against me. I also forwarded evidence to a u.s. senator who contacted hhs to push an investigation faster. Once the lawsuit is filed local news stations will be running coverage on the situation. Easy day....people will be losing their jobs soon...and judge pancol...who has attempted to cover up what has happened will also be in trouble. The drug testing is a kids for cash and federal funding situation.