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MARCH 22-APRIL 4, 2017
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New law firm leaders are taking over during a time of rapid and dynamic changes in the profession. The Indiana Supreme Court is addressing language barriers in court through a new task force. Disability claims may be tougher to get approved after rule change.

Top Stories

New task force meant to break down language barriers, aid court interpreters

As the number of litigants, witnesses or spectators requesting interpretation services continues to rise, the Indiana Supreme Court is taking steps to ensure those services are high-quality and far-reaching.

Protest bills with anti-traffic obstruction focus sweep US

In response to the increasing number of demonstrations, legislators across the country have introduced bills limiting where protesters can demonstrate or increasing fines for participation in peaceful protests that turn violent.

Fitness to parent raised in man’s fatal neglect appeal

A man whose 4-month-old son died of malnutrition asked an appeals court to consider whether he was mentally capable of caring for the child while also invoking the jury’s right to question witnesses in contesting his conviction and 37-year sentence.

Bill in Congress targets class actions

Trial lawyers contend the legislation would gut court access; defense attorneys say reforms are overdue.

Hard line on immigration has Indiana attorneys scrambling

Since President Donald Trump took office, lawyers are seeing more fear and more work from clients worried about deportation.

Cultivating the next generation

Attorney Joseph Smith is among a new cadre of leaders stepping into management positions, taking a seat on high-level committees or becoming practice chairs in large law firms. Baby boomers are retiring or transitioning from their practices, creating openings in leadership roles.

Curtis Hill formulating agenda as he settles in as attorney general

Given his lengthy career as a northern Indiana prosecutor, not much about being the state’s top attorney has surprised Curtis Hill.

Disability claims approval getting tougher

New rules could set the evidence bar higher despite sharp court rebukes of claim denials.


Religious exemption at heart of employee pension disputes

A trio of cases pending before the Supreme Court of the United States, which could require more than $1 billion in new funding for certain employee pension plans, revolves around a central question: What is a church?

Paying dues under right-to-work

Drivers claim illegal union withholdings in case where checkoff cards are key.

Adolay: The consequences of improper employee classification

A dangerous yet continued way of thinking by some companies is that the company can enter into a contract with an individual and call it an independent contractor agreement, agree on how that agreement will be structured, and be protected from liability normally attributed to an employer. This misconception carries a potential for significant damages for the company and its decision-makers.

Walker: EEOC investigative subpoena power to be tested

The Supreme Court of the United States is specifically addressing how appellate courts should review district courts’ decisions to quash or enforce an EEOC subpoena.


Hammerle on ... 'Logan,' 'Kong: Skull Island'

Bob Hammerle says "Logan" may end up being one of the better movies this year.

Plugged In: 5 features to help you Excel

When thinking of Excel, many think of numbers and formulas and begin to have nightmares about high school math. However, this program can be used for so much more than number crunching and complex data models.

Federal Bar Update: Motions to reconsider; 7th Circuit conference in Indy

Judge Robert L. Miller recently addressed a motion to reconsider a ruling denying in part a defense motion for summary judgment; the opinion provides good guidance on whether and when such motions are appropriate.

Dunn: Indiana law, precedent lead to $2.6M settlement for sales rep

This article summarizes how a terminated commissioned sales representative achieved a settlement of over $2.6 million from an Indiana company.

DTCI: Counsel, can you spare the time?

A famous saying which came to exemplify the Great Depression was, “Brother, can you spare a dime?” My question posed to Hoosier attorneys is, “Counsel, can you spare some time?”

Inside the Criminal Case: Race, talking to jurors and impeachment

As is typical in these articles, nine years of hard work by attorneys is summarized in three paragraphs and some writer like me says, “eventually this case landed before the United States Supreme Court.”

Special Sections

Indiana Court Decisions Mar. 1-14, 2017

Read recent opinions.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions -3/22/17

Read who's recently been suspended or disbarred.

Bar Associations

IndyBar: Delivering Peace of Mind: Volunteer for Free Wills Clinic

For years, IndyBar attorneys have helped community members living in poverty to safeguard their futures through the IndyBar’s Free Wills Clinics (formerly known as the Low Asset Wills Program).

IndyBar Mourns Death of Past President

Robert “Bo” Hagemier, 1992 Indianapolis Bar Association President, passed away on Tuesday, March 14 at the age of 72.

IndyBar: Don’t Miss out on Free Fridays at the IndyBar!

Get more from your membership this year with Free Fridays at the IndyBar!

Nissa's News 3/22/17

March Madness: Live Well, Be Well

IndyBar: Spanish Speakers Needed for Ask a Lawyer

Small time commitment, big impact—answer legal questions from the public at the IndyBar’s Ask a Lawyer program, coming up on Tuesday, April 11.

IndyBar: Get in on the Great Indy Clean-up with the IndyBar

Looking for a way to do good? We have just the thing! Join the IndyBar’s Young Lawyers Division (YLD) as they participate in Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Great Indy Clean-up on Saturday, April 29! 

IndyBar: Data Security in the Cloud-Computing Era for Law Firms – An Introduction

Any discussion of data security in the cloud-computing era must first start with describing what the “cloud” is and what it can do.
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  1. From his recent appearance on WRTV to this story here, Frank is everywhere. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, although he should stop using Eric Schnauffer for his 7th Circuit briefs. They're not THAT hard.

  2. They learn our language prior to coming here. My grandparents who came over on the boat, had to learn English and become familiarize with Americas customs and culture. They are in our land now, speak ENGLISH!!

  3. @ Rebecca D Fell, I am very sorry for your loss. I think it gives the family solace and a bit of closure to go to a road side memorial. Those that oppose them probably did not experience the loss of a child or a loved one.

  4. If it were your child that died maybe you'd be more understanding. Most of us don't have graves to visit. My son was killed on a state road and I will be putting up a memorial where he died. It gives us a sense of peace to be at the location he took his last breath. Some people should be more understanding of that.

  5. Can we please take notice of the connection between the declining state of families across the United States and the RISE OF CPS INVOLVEMENT??? They call themselves "advocates" for "children's rights", however, statistics show those children whom are taken from, even NEGLIGENT homes are LESS likely to become successful, independent adults!!! Not to mention the undeniable lack of respect and lack of responsibility of the children being raised today vs the way we were raised 20 years ago, when families still existed. I was born in 1981 and I didn't even ever hear the term "CPS", in fact, I didn't even know they existed until about ten years ago... Now our children have disagreements between friends and they actually THREATEN EACH OTHER WITH, "I'll call CPS" or "I'll have [my parent] (usually singular) call CPS"!!!! And the truth is, no parent is perfect and we all have flaws and make mistakes, but it is RIGHTFULLY OURS - BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS GREAT NATION - to be imperfect. Let's take a good look at what kind of parenting those that are stealing our children are doing, what kind of adults are they producing? WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN THAT HAVE BEEN RIPPED FROM THEIR FAMILY AND THAT CHILD'S SUCCESS - or otherwise - AS AN ADULT.....