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JAN. 27-FEB. 9, 2016
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Attorneys are at the horizon of what could be a new body of law involving drones, some of which could be decided by the courts. Indiana University Maurer School of Law has revamped its website to target millennials interested in law school. Attorneys and the courts feel the recent drop in bankruptcy filings, the lowest number since 2007.

Top Stories

As drone sales soar, legal and regulatory atmosphere remains turbulent

Attorneys are at the horizon of what could be a new body of law involving drones, some of which could be decided by the courts.

Attorneys, courts feel drop in bankruptcy filings

Bankruptcy attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg recently described the current state of his practice: “Nobody’s coming into my office; nobody’s calling me; nobody’s paying me.” His loneliness can be tied to the drop in bankruptcy filings. In 2015, petitions nationally fell to 860,182, an 11 percent decline from 2014 and the lowest number of filings since 2007.

Selby, Ong nominated for federal bench

Even before a confirmation hearing has been gaveled to order or a floor vote scheduled, one nominee to an Indiana vacancy on the federal bench is facing opposition as a home state senator renews his call for a nominating commission.

Bills expanding gun carry rights trigger controversies

Concerns from the disparate treatment of minorities who police find in possession of firearms to the threat of domestic violence weighed against two proposals in the Legislature to expand who the state should permit to carry handguns, and where.

New IU Maurer website targets millennials

With splashy photographs and abbreviated copy, Indiana University Maurer School of Law has completely revamped its Internet presence to try to get prospective students to take a breather from surfing other law schools’ websites and plunge deeper into what the Bloomington institution has to offer.

Specialized courts get boost in State of Judiciary

Indiana's first commercial courts are announced a week after Rush highlights problem-solving approaches in her annual State of the Judiciary address.

Senate passes adoptee birth-records bill

Advocates for granting Indiana adoptees access to their birth certificates appear on the way to victory this year after years of trying.


Study commission repeal endangering probate code needs

Since the Probate Code Study Commission was eliminated as part of a 2014 law that reduced the number of interim study committees, certain legislators and attorneys have mounted an effort to get the commission reinstated.

Do-it-yourself dangers

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to do it yourself with Internet services such as LegalZoom, Nolo and Rocket Lawyer. But attorneys say relying on online form providers for long-term financial and estate planning may not be the wisest investment.


Federal Bar Update: Early returns on amended Rules of Civil Procedure

Significant changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect to civil cases filed on or after Dec. 1, or to cases already pending to the extent just and practicable. In the first two months of these new rules, it is apparent they are having an immediate impact on federal litigation.

Hammerle on …'The Big Short,' 'Carol'

Bob Hammerle says "The Big Short" is a reminder of the sometimes amoral nature of our free-enterprise system.

Inside the Criminal Case: Immunity and Bill Cosby’s motion to dismiss

On Dec. 30, 2015, comedian Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania. These charges stemmed in part from various admissions Mr. Cosby made in a deposition in a civil suit. After learning this news, several thousand criminal defense lawyers scratched their balding heads as they Monday morning quarterbacked the decision to submit Cosby to a deposition.

DTCI: ‘Making a Murderer’ influences perception of judiciary

Producers of “Making a Murderer” and other true-crime stories have the ability to influence the public’s perception of an individual’s guilt or innocence, as well as the actions of the attorneys involved, well after a verdict is reached and regardless of the evidence presented in the courtroom.

Making Rain: Be more like a political candidate in 2016

There are striking comparisons between how a candidate works to get elected and how a law firm or lawyer can develop new business. So, if you get overly sensitized by all the campaigning, refocus your attention on the process and you might find a few good ideas to try for yourself.

In Brief

Emmis sues insurer over $4M in legal fees

Emmis Communications Corp. has filed breach-of-contract suit against a New York-based insurance company for refusing to cover any of the more than $4 million in legal fees the media company accumulated in a long-running court battle with preferred shareholders.

Henderson again named ‘most influential’ in legal education

For the second year in a row, Indiana University Maurer School of Law professor William Henderson has been named the most influential person in legal education by National Jurist magazine.

Veteran Muncie attorney ‘Chic’ Clark dies at 81

Charles R. “Chic” Clark, a Muncie native and longtime lawyer who served his community and gained a reputation for success as a litigator, died Wednesday. He was 81.

Law schools, ILS partner on foreclosure prevention services

A grant from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General will help fund a partnership between Indiana Legal Services Inc. and two law schools in an effort to provide more services to those facing foreclosure in the state.

US Supreme Court sets election-year clash on immigration

The Supreme Court of the United States agreed Tuesday to an election-year review of President Barack Obama's executive order to allow up to 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to "come out of the shadows" and work legally in the United States.

Edwardsport plant foes finally reach settlement with Duke

The bitterest foes of Duke Energy Corp.’s Edwardsport coal-gasification plant have agreed to drop their objections and join a settlement that would resolve many of the issues over how much ratepayers will be charged.

Special Sections

Indiana Court Decisions - Jan. 6-19, 2016

Read recent appellate decisions.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions - 1/27/16

Read who recently resigned from the Indiana bar.

Bar Associations

IndyBar: Family Law Resource Guide Now Available

For family law attorneys in the Indianapolis area, there are a variety of resources available to help, and the IndyBar’s Family Law Resource Guide has them all in one convenient place. This resource is now available to all IndyBar members.

IndyBar: The Indianapolis Bar Foundation Reports Budget-Breaking Success In 2015

With the generous support of the Indianapolis legal community, the Indianapolis Bar Foundation is pleased to report that it exceeded its 2015 fundraising budget by more than 10 percent.

IndyBar: New Verizon Promotions Available Through National Purchasing Partners

Are you an IndyBar member? Did you know you could be saving money on expenses for travel, office supplies, cellular devices and more?

Moberly: Time to ‘Tune In’ for 2016

I remember the monthly Meetings of Members of the 1980s and how much I looked forward to them. I was a young lawyer and I felt like the new kid in school at those meetings, but somehow I knew it was important to be there and to mingle.

IndyBar Frontlines - 1/27/16

News from around the IndyBar!
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  3. What a fine example of the best of the Hoosier tradition! How sad that the AP has to include partisan snark in the obit for this great American patriot and adventurer.

  4. Why are all these lawyers yakking to the media about pending matters? Trial by media? What the devil happened to not making extrajudicial statements? The system is falling apart.

  5. It is a sad story indeed as this couple has been only in survival mode, NOT found guilty with Ponzi, shaken down for 5 years and pursued by prosecution that has been ignited by a civil suit with very deep pockets wrenched in their bitterness...It has been said that many of us are breaking an average of 300 federal laws a day without even knowing it. Structuring laws, & civilForfeiture laws are among the scariest that need to be restructured or repealed . These laws were initially created for drug Lords and laundering money and now reach over that line. Here you have a couple that took out their own money, not drug money, not laundering. Yes...Many upset that they lost money...but how much did they make before it all fell apart? No one ask that question? A civil suit against Williams was awarded because he has no more money to fight...they pushed for a break in order...they took all his belongings...even underwear, shoes and clothes? who does that? What allows that? Maybe if you had the picture of him purchasing a jacket at the Goodwill just to go to court the next day...his enemy may be satisfied? But not likely...bitterness is a master. For happy ending lovers, you will be happy to know they have a faith that has changed their world and a solid love that many of us can only dream about. They will spend their time in federal jail for taking their money from their account, but at the end of the day they have loyal friends, a true love and a hope of a new life in time...and none of that can be bought or taken That is the real story.