Bill would let Indiana businesses battle patent trolls in state courts

February 25, 2015
A bill, authored by Bedford Republican Rep. Eric Koch, would prohibit a person from asserting a bad-faith claim of patent infringement and would enable the Indiana business accused of infringing to seek remedy in state court.More.

Cumberland ups ante in fight to save historic church

March 3, 2015
Cumberland officials are stepping up their efforts to stop a supermarket and convenience store chain from demolishing a historic church by hiring one of Indianapolis’ top real estate attorneys to argue their appeal.More.

Debate on common wage repeal lingers during contractor event

March 3, 2015
A Republican-backed proposal to repeal the state law that sets wages for public construction projects requires further study instead of a quick vote, opponents of the measure said Monday.More.

COA affirms attorney fees in frivolous suit challenging Logansport P3 deal

March 2, 2015
A woman’s lawsuit that claimed the city of Logansport had to pass an ordinance formally adopting the Public-Private Agreements Act before entering into a P3 deal was frivolous and in bad faith, thus justifying the award of attorney fees to the city, the Court of Appeals affirmed.More.

Zoeller asks justices to uphold ‘Spice’ law COA struck down

March 2, 2015
Indiana’s ‘Spice’ law that a pair of divided Court of Appeals panels ruled unconstitutional last month should be reinstated, Attorney General Greg Zoeller argues in briefs asking the Indiana Supreme Court to review the decisions.More.
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  1. I read the line "Quigley offered another means to introduce texts. “I have witnessed and been involved in depositions where someone asks someone else to take a cellphone out and read a series of messages,” he said. “What it did was ultimately preserve the fact that there were these communications.” That is not true. A message can be created and sent to a phone looking like it came from another phone, when in actuality it didn't. You must take the totality of the available data from all sources in order to judge what has happened. As far as in house people doing the phone investigation or pulling messages. Someone from a large local firm told me one time "we need to be one step removed from things like this, that's why we go out of shop" I just can't fathom a law firm using an in house IT person to do work on a case or a potential case when you can be called to task on that.

  2. This victory was achieved through the efforts of an outstanding team including my partner Henry Price, who has been a leader in the fight to protect landowners’ rights for over 15 years, our associate Brad Catlin who handled the cross-examination of Sho-Me’s CEO at trial, Kathleen Kauffman who has partnered with our firm in many fiber optic class actions, and our extraordinarily helpful local counsel in Missouri, Heidi Vollet and Fred O’Neill. The verdict was for S1.88 per foot per year, which means for the average-sized parcel of 1,180 feet, a recovery of $2,218 per year or $22,184 for the ten years of trespass that was at issue. More than anything personal to me, this was a victory for the protection of individual property rights.

  3. child is 15 Yold Mother is recently Deceased Father deceased 5 years ago No grand parants, had information For as upon death, cant find, Child has been placed with former family friend, no blood ties, lief to police identified himself as father, also driving deceased mothers vehicle...illegally, was given unsupervised acess to all documents, Soc sec numbers, and granted guardianship, Deceased was sister of my friend.. She really needs help and solid advice to protect and help her Neice near Indianapolis Indiana