Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25

August 26, 2015
Also known as the largest civil rights act in the U.S., the ADA has resulted in gains for those with disabilities. However, there is still more work to be done.More.

Feds: Fogle colleague pleads to exploiting 12 children

September 1, 2015
The former director of ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s anti-childhood obesity foundation sexually exploited 12 minor children in Indiana, federal authorities said Tuesday in releasing an information against Russell Taylor. Some of the children depicted in videos Taylor shared with Fogle were as young as 6, authorities said, ranging to age 14.More.

DNA proposal highlights worries over privacy

Indiana Sen. Tim Lanane and his colleagues in the Indiana Statehouse are once again wrestling with when to collect genetic material from individuals in the criminal justice system.More.

COA affirms IURC has no jurisdiction over gas vendor

August 28, 2015
A northern Indiana business that filed a complaint with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission when its gas bills were higher than expected lost its appeal of the agency’s dismissal of the complaint Friday.More.

Lawmakers to study more time for creditors’ estate claims

August 28, 2015
An Indiana General Assembly panel next week will consider a proposal to extend the time a creditor has to bring a claim against an estate from the current limit of nine months.More.

Union wins closely watched labor case over who’s the boss

August 28, 2015
More companies may be held responsible for labor-law violations committed by contractors and forced to negotiate wages and benefits with their workers under a decision by a politically split U.S. labor board.More.
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  1. I'm going to court the beginning of Oct. 2015 to establish visitation and request my daughters visits while she is in jail. I raised my grandchild for the first two and half years. She was born out of wedlock and the father and his adopted mother wantwd her aborted, they went as far as sueing my daughter for abortion money back 5mo. After my grandchild was born. Now because of depression and drug abuse my daughter lost custody 2 and a half years ago. Everyting went wrong in court when i went for custody my lawyer was thrown out and a replacment could only stay 45 min. The judge would not allow a postponement. So the father won. Now he is aleinating me and my daughter. No matter the amount of time spent getting help for my daughter and her doing better he runs her in the ground to the point of suicide because he wants her to be in a relationship with him. It is a sick game of using my grandchild as a pawn to make my daughter suffer for not wanting to be with him. I became the intervener in the case when my daughter first got into trouble. Because of this they gave me her visitation. Im hoping to get it again there is questions of abuse on his part and I want to make sure my grandchild is doing alright. I really dont understand how the parents have rights to walk in and do whatever they want when the refuse to stand up and raise the child at first . Why should it take two and a half years to decide you want to raise your child.The father used me so he could finish college get a job and stop paying support by getting custody. Support he was paying my daughter that I never saw.

  2. Pence said when he ordered the investigation that Indiana residents should be troubled by the allegations after the video went viral. Planned Parenthood has asked the government s top health scientists at the National Institutes of Health to convene a panel of independent experts to study the issues surrounding the little-known branch of medicine.

  3. The ADA acts as a tax upon all for the benefit of a few. And, most importantly, the many have no individual say in whether they pay the tax. Those with handicaps suffered in military service should get a pass, but those who are handicapped by accident or birth do NOT deserve that pass. The drivel about "equal access" is spurious because the handicapped HAVE equal access, they just can't effectively use it. That is their problem, not society's. The burden to remediate should be that of those who seek the benefit of some social, constructional, or dimensional change, NOT society generally. Everybody wants to socialize the costs and concentrate the benefits of government intrusion so that they benefit and largely avoid the costs. This simply maintains the constant push to the slop trough, and explains, in part, why the nation is 20 trillion dollars in the hole.