Legal battles spark EPA to set emission standards for composite wood products

August 10, 2016
Nearly 11 years after the survivors of Hurricane Katrina began blaming their FEMA trailers for their health problems, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a new rule addressing what is believed to have been the main cause of their suffering — formaldehyde.More.

Judge rules in favor of scorned e-liquid manufacturer in vaping case

August 23, 2016
Opponents of Indiana’s controversial vaping law scored a victory Friday when a federal judge ruled in favor of a Florida e-liquid manufacturer that argued the law was unconstitutional.More.

No appeal in Indiana woman's overturned feticide conviction

August 23, 2016
Indiana's attorney general has opted not to appeal a recent ruling that overturned a woman's feticide conviction for a self-induced abortion that killed her premature infant.More.

FBI probing for possible corruption in vaping law

August 23, 2016
The FBI is probing whether any illegal activity led to the creation and passage of Indiana’s contentious new vaping law.More.

Cities call for change in Indiana redistricting

August 22, 2016
The Anderson City Council has become the sixth Indiana municipal legislative body to pass a resolution calling for a citizen panel to take over the drawing of district lines for seats in the U.S. Congress and the Indiana General Assembly.More.
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  1. This article proved very enlightening. Right ahead of sitting the LSAT for the first time, I felt a sense of relief that a score of 141 was admitted to an Indiana Law School and did well under unique circumstances. While my GPA is currently 3.91 I fear standardized testing and hope that I too will get a good enough grade for acceptance here at home. Thanks so much for this informative post.

  2. Who gives a rats behind about all the fluffy ranking nonsense. What students having to pay off debt need to know is that all schools aren't created equal and students from many schools don't have a snowball's chance of getting a decent paying job straight out of law school. Their lowly ranked lawschool won't tell them that though. When schools start honestly (accurately) reporting *those numbers, things will get interesting real quick, and the looks on student's faces will be priceless!

  3. As a retired attorney and graduate of IUPUI Indianapolis, I can empathize with the graduates, and congratulate them and the "ahead-thinking" faculty. I was 39 years old in 1975 when I was accepted into law school by "then" Dean Frandsen. I was taught the practical aspects of law practice, and encouraged to expand my knowledge and work experience by interning and odd job research. Those learnin experiences assisted me in both doing well in the bar exam, as well as finding employment before and after my being sworn in as an "attorney." My congratulations to the new school and it's courageous instructors and graduates. Indiana can surely use more and better-trained lawyers, to guide the State for years to come.