State pays ACLU over $1.4M under Pence

April 20, 2016
Under the administration of Gov. Mike Pence, legal fees paid to the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana have soared beyond $1.4 million and may approach $2 million, according to an Indiana Lawyer analysis.More.

Judge: Substantial progress in Volkswagen emissions talks

May 24, 2016
Volkswagen and attorneys for vehicle owners affected by the company's emissions cheating scandal are on target to meet a June deadline for a final settlement proposal, a federal judge said Tuesday.More.

GOP governors ask FCC to address illegal prison cellphones

May 24, 2016
Ten Republican governors, including Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, want the Federal Communications Commission to give states more autonomy to apply technology that can stop prison inmates from using smuggled cellphones.More.

Judge faces Supreme Court removal petition in State v. IBM case

May 24, 2016
Petitions filed Monday with the Indiana Supreme Court argue a Marion County judge defied a Supreme Court order and overstepped his authority in ruling on remand that the state could prove no damages from its cancelled $1.3 billion welfare-privatization contract with IBM.More.

Officer cleared in black man's death, prosecutor criticized

May 24, 2016
After two trials and no convictions, Baltimore's top prosecutor faces criticism that she moved too quickly to file charges against six officers in the case involving a 25-year-old black man who died a week after he was critically injured in police custody, triggering protests and riots a year ago.More.
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  1. This program promises to be left of center since it's coming out of Columbia University. Thus the very favorable press treatment. Even though common sense reveals this program one which will promote the kind of "freedom" from which terrorists and drug traffickers most benefit. One can easily imagine the treatment it would be given if it was $60 M to fight for rights of conscience ... especially the rights of Christians to resist being forced to take part in actions against their beliefs. It would then be presented as a social evil. Indeed it would advance the faith against governments bent on promoting the opposite. As such, it would then be disdained (rather than celebrated) for encouaging that which the elites disdain. Journalists of T.I.L. ... Spin much?

  2. How about the insurance companies playing the waiting game with plaintiffs knowing that the bills are piling up causing the plaintiff pressure to agree to a low ball settlement? thats why the new funders on the block are altering their business practices to accommodate the low rates at the END of the case. Insurance lobbies are strong indeed. at least in Indiana. the info is clear here

  3. I am caught up in this nightmare and I cant get out. My daughter was removed from my home - she has been in psychiatric care at CCH for a year - now removed from my home under false allegations - examined at DCH - ER Dr. cleared her and sent her home with me but DCS agent circumvented Dr. Mom arrested spent 5 days in jail - suffered a stroke. DCS agent has lied - I need help please. please please this is an injustice and I believe it demands national attention.