Indiana joins other states challenging EPA regulatory authority

August 27, 2014
Indiana has joined 11 other states in filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, taking the unusual tactic of challenging the federal government’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases rather than challenging the rule itself.More.

Indiana AG proposes home contractor registry

October 1, 2014
Indiana residents looking to hire contractors for home repair or remodeling projects would be able to search a state registry that's among a package of legislative proposals Attorney General Greg Zoeller said Tuesday he's supporting in an effort to boost consumer protections.More.

Vanderburgh County requests new court magistrate

Seated alone at the table in front of the Indiana General Assembly’s Commission on Courts, Vanderburgh Circuit Judge David Kiely recently asked for a new magistrate in his court.More.

U.S. judge blocks Obamacare tax rule for non-exchange states

October 1, 2014
An Oklahoma federal judge dealt a blow to President Barack Obama’s health care law, invalidating IRS rules aimed at making policies affordable for consumers around the country.More.

Petition seeks charges in crash that killed 7

October 1, 2014
A Georgia man hopes an online petition will help persuade a northwestern Indiana prosecutor to file charges against a trucker for a crash that killed seven family members.More.

Prison agency gets $1 million to fight injuries

September 29, 2014
The Indiana Department of Correction has been awarded nearly $1 million to identify offenders with traumatic brain injuries and help them avoid a return to prison.More.
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