Indiana joins other states challenging EPA regulatory authority

August 27, 2014
Indiana has joined 11 other states in filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, taking the unusual tactic of challenging the federal government’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases rather than challenging the rule itself.More.

Indiana's high court hears IBM welfare case

October 30, 2014
Indiana's Supreme Court justices grilled attorneys for the state and IBM Corp. on Thursday about the company's failed attempt to privatize Indiana's welfare services, which prompted the state to cancel IBM's $1.3 billion state contract less than three years into the 10-year deal.More.

Vanderburgh County requests new court magistrate

Seated alone at the table in front of the Indiana General Assembly’s Commission on Courts, Vanderburgh Circuit Judge David Kiely recently asked for a new magistrate in his court.More.

Midwest rappers, others charged with fraud

October 30, 2014
Members of an Indiana-based rap group called RACK Boyz and other suspects from Illinois made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bank fraud scheme that included wooing participants through social media and Internet videos, federal and state authorities said Wednesday.More.

Man convicted in Purdue shooting found dead

October 29, 2014
State correction officials say an Indiana man who fatally stabbed and shot a fellow Purdue University student earlier this year has been found dead in his prison cell.More.

Senator seeks stiffer punishment for decapitations

October 29, 2014
The chairman of the state Senate Judiciary Committee says Indiana needs stronger penalties for decapitation.More.
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