Leadership in Law

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Leadership in Law

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$40 per person
2017 Honorees and past honorees are complimentary (contact Patty Johns, pjohns@ibj.com to RSVP)

Distinguished Barrister Honorees:

Up and Coming Lawyer Honorees:

Jamie Andree

Indiana Legal Services

Hon. Michael Barnes

Indiana Court of Appeals

Hon. Nancy Eshcoff Boyer

Allen Superior Court

Douglas Brown

Bose McKinney & Evans

Lee Christie

Cline Farrell Christie & Lee

Julie Conrad

Eskenazi Health

Jeffrey Dible

Frost Brown Todd

Thomas “Buddy” Downs

Ice Miller

Thomas Froehle

Faegre Baker Daniels

Michael Harrington

Eli Lilly & Co

Kenneth Isley

Dow AgroSciences

D. William Moreau Jr.

Barnes & Thornburg

Karl Mulvaney

Bingham Greenebaum Doll

Martha Starkey

Harrison & Moberly

Greg Zoeller

Former Indiana Attorney General

Jenai Brackett

Frost Brown Todd

Kayla Britton

Faegre Baker Daniels

Caitlin Byczko

Barnes & Thornburg

Colin Connor

Plews Shadley Racher & Braun

Amy Cornell

Bose McKinney & Evans

Trisha Dudlo

Bamberger Foreman Oswald & Hahn

Jared Haller

Indiana Legal Services

James Hamstra

MOBI Wireless Management

Jonathan Knoll

Cohen & Malad

Erik Long

Ice Miller

Mallory Long

Office of Indiana Secretary of State

Shelbie Byers Luna

Drewry Simmons Vornehm

Ryan Marques

Faegre Baker Daniels

Lauren Sorrell

Krieg DeVault

Brian Weir-Harden

Barnes & Thornburg

Contact: Patty Johns
Contact Phone: (317) 472-5319
Contact E-mail: pjohns@ibj.com

Leadership in Law: Price $40.00

Price:  $40.00
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  1. I have had an ongoing custody case for 6 yrs. I should have been the sole legal custodial parent but was a victim of a vindictive ex and the system biasedly supported him. He is an alcoholic and doesn't even have a license for two yrs now after his 2nd DUI. Fast frwd 6 yrs later my kids are suffering poor nutritional health, psychological issues, failing in school, have NO MD and the GAL could care less, DCS doesn't care. The child isn't getting his ADHD med he needs and will not succeed in life living this way. NO one will HELP our family.I tried for over 6 yrs. The judge called me an idiot for not knowing how to enter evidence and the last hearing was 8 mths ago. That in itself is unjust! The kids want to be with their Mother! They are being alienated from her and fed lies by their Father! I was hit in a car accident 3 yrs ago and am declared handicapped myself. Poor poor way to treat the indigent in Indiana!

  2. The Indiana DOE released the 2015-2016 school grades in Dec 2016 and my local elementary school is a "C" grade school. Look at the MCCSC boundary maps and how all of the most affluent neighborhoods have the best performance. It is no surprise that obtaining residency in the "A" school boundaries cost 1.5 to 3 times as much. As a parent I should have more options than my "C" school without needing to pay the premium to live in the affluent parts of town. If the charter were authorized by a non-religious school the plaintiffs would still be against it because it would still be taking per-pupil money from them. They are hiding behind the guise of religion as a basis for their argument when this is clearly all about money and nothing else.

  3. This is a horrible headline. The article is about challenging the ability of Grace College to serve as an authorizer. 7 Oaks is not a religiously affiliated school

  4. Congratulations to Judge Carmichael for making it to the final three! She is an outstanding Judge and the people of Indiana will benefit tremendously if/when she is chosen.

  5. The headline change to from "religious" to "religious-affiliated" is still inaccurate and terribly misleading.