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Fifth-generation Lawrenceburg attorney joins long line of paternal precedent

November 30, 2016

The original Ewbank lawyers were county-seat attorneys, and the first two generations — John William and James — were abstractors who founded the family businesses in 1882.


Doxly launches new insights, closing books features

November 21, 2016
Legal tech startup Doxly Inc., an attorney-run company aimed at digitizing the process of closing legal transactions, has launched a new suite of software features designed to enhance attorneys’ abilities to track and archive deals.More.

Indy attorney elected to Judicial Nominating/Qualifications commissions

November 21, 2016
An Indianapolis attorney has been elected as the next district two representative of the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission/Judicial Qualifications Commission.More.

Barnes & Thornburg managing partner named to presidential inaugural committee

November 16, 2016
An Indianapolis attorney with ties to Vice-President elect and Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been named to the committee for the 58th presidential inauguration.More.

5 practice areas expected to see major growth in 2017

November 16, 2016
In its 2017 Practice Outlook Guide, BTI Consulting Group projected that five practice areas would experience significant growth in the coming year: regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, cybersecurity/data privacy, bet-the-company litigation and class-action lawsuits. Here is a look at the reasons top lawyers in these practice areas are predicting steady growth.More.
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  1. The shell shocked Democrat/Media Complex is yet attempting to find its legs after the election, trying to burn fire lines, as this article clear shows. Eric Holder was not a sea change in Justice? LMAO. Elections matter. Democrat rule is crumbling, the party of the Clinton Foundation and Obama's treason is coming to an end. And the lap dog media refuse to retreat to a dark subterranean place without many snide remarks ... as they slouch back toward Gomorrah to be (they hope be) reborn ...

  2. I can't begin to count the number of articles I've read since November the 9th, all of which contain the words "may", "might", "could", or some derivative of "possible" with relation to what might be (yes, I just used one of these terms) the President-elect's policies on this or that issue. Maybe the media could give it a rest for a bit and just wait to see what actually happens before reporting on such non-stories? Or does every newsroom now have its own crystal ball? I guess it wasn't enough that the media acted deplorably before and during the election. Now, after it's over but before Trump has laid his hand on the Bible, the soothsayers continue their sorry excuses for what (to them) is news.

  3. If Chuck Schumer is "very concerned about what [Senator Sessions] would do with the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice" that, right there, is reason enough to rush him into that office!!! Here is a case of religious/belief discrimination, the misuse of the ADA and the destruction of evidence by a government attorney that Loretta Lynch's DOJ, upon request directly to the attorneys charged with such investigation, refused to even consider, saying they had not the time: If Sessions can return a true civil rights focus to the DOJ, rather than slavery to identity politics, then that great MAGA alone will justify the Trump Presidency!