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Women are leading the way in law firms

July 15, 2015
The emergence of women in male-dominated practice areas has been enhanced by a willingness among lawyers and the industry to talk about issues and obstacles.More.

Indiana’s pioneering female attorneys honored

September 3, 2015
The late Shirley Shideler, who was the first woman to be named a partner at a large Indiana law firm, will be honored at a special reception recognizing trailblazing women lawyers.More.

Merger fever strikes

August 12, 2015
The handful of Hoosier law firms that combined during the last two years highlight a pair of emerging trends of interest to those who watch law firm merger and acquisition activity.More.

Job market somewhat improved for law school grads

August 3, 2015
The National Association for Law Placement’s new analysis of the job market heralded the first rise in the employment rate in eight years for new law school graduates. However, the uptick comes with two caveats – the method for measuring employment has been tweaked which could be contributing to the better rate and the small size of the 2014 class provides an improved jobs rate despite a lower actual number of jobs secured.More.

Survey reveals managing partners’ economic mood is muted

July 28, 2015
Managing partners at the end of 2014 expressed renewed economic confidence. The mood seems less rosy now, according to the latest survey by the Law Firm Group at Citi Private Bank.More.
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