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Law firms see overhead costs shift during past 25 years

January 28, 2015
All the modern devices and technology used by law firms these days come at a high cost and are often among the top firm expenses, according to managing partners.More.

Judge admonishes losing counsel in long-running litigation

January 29, 2015
A federal judge admonished a lawyer Wednesday whose clients were found to have abused process in prosecuting a trademark infringement suit against a similar wine-and-art business.More.

Lawyers sought for Lung Association stair climb benefit

January 19, 2015
The central Indiana legal community hopes to reach new fundraising heights in the fifth annual American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb Law Firm Challenge.More.

14-year-old Indianapolis firm recreates itself with addition of name partner

January 16, 2015
Hoover Hull founding partners John David Hoover and Andrew Hull, along with Wayne Turner, former chair of the litigation group at Bingham Greenebaum Doll, announced Friday that they are creating a new law firm focused on business litigation.More.

Innovative networking tool connects lawyers across practices

January 14, 2015
Some are good at networking, others not so good. With the development of the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Indy Attorneys Network Section, lawyers old and new, those skilled at networking and those not as adept, have found there are always opportunities to meet and connect with colleagues and that doing so builds camaraderie and strengthens the local legal community.More.
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  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind, but my son Corey was given your name by Patty Koepe. And as his mom, I told him I thought I would look you up and try and see how you handle things with her clients and courtroom and what your specialty is. I'm so glad I did because you just warmed my heart with your story and the way you treat people. I'm retired Navy, and my father was also retired Navy. The way we were brought up was to Be as honest and fair to people and live by the Golden Rule. That being I know my son will be giving you a call because it involves his little boy Ian. And I applaud you on such a successful career. Thank you for reading this. Pamela Secrist

  2. John Smith - You really said it all. "WORK HARD AND BRING VALUE TO THE CLIENT." Get out there and really show your value. Agree, John. All the fancy marketing in the world won't help if you don't have that mission as your core. Regarding print Yellow Pages, however.If it works for you, fine. However, as a printed directory, the Yellow Pages is a dinosaur. is better and you can get a free listing. Best thing is to take those bucks and drive more people to your web site. The majority of people find businesses first through a search engine such as Google.

  3. I liked the article but like others of the genre it's rather fancy for me. Here's my marketing plan. 1. a cheap ad in the phone book and some more cheap print ads here and there around town. 2. signing up for local bar referral program 3. my cheapo website dude updates the website. 4. I throw some content up there once a while to freshen it up 5. volunteer for some charities I like ..... But the thing that actually gets me repeat clients and referrals is this: WORK HARD AND BRING VALUE TO THE CLIENT. I find that is about all the marketing the average solo lawyer needs. I'll leave it to the hotshots to hire "consultants" and gurus and the like.