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Lateral hiring up

February 8, 2017
The pace of attorneys jumping from one firm to another is expected to continue this year.More.

Justices accept attorney’s resignation, suspend another

February 20, 2017
A northern Indiana attorney is no longer practicing law in the Hoosier state after the Indiana Supreme Court accepted his resignation from the Indiana bar last week.More.

Law firm miscue in small claims case gets no relief on appeal

February 17, 2017
A law firm that failed to respond to an Allen County small claims court’s inquiry about settlement discussions because the attorney handling the case had left the firm got no relief Friday from the Indiana Court of Appeals.More.

After heartbreak, tech startup maintains focus on case management software

February 8, 2017
Case Pacer, launched in 2013, continues to move forward and grow after the death of its founder, Kevin McCarthy and sales representative, Casey Speckman, in an car crash last year. It expects to double in size within the next year.More.

Asian attorneys less represented in Indianapolis than nationwide

February 8, 2017
In the post-recession economy, Asians were the only minority group to experience constant growth in partner and associate positions at large law firms each year, while black and Hispanic attorneys followed a roller coaster-like cycle of growth and decline. However, the situation is less promising for Asian attorneys in Indianapolis.More.
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  1. BRAVO I SAY: "For example, the state of Michigan offers a “diversity pledge” that law firms can sign and then post on their websites, letting potential clients know that the firm is dedicated to providing counsel who can represent a wide range of views." Views! BUT HOW TO SQUARE THAT WITH THIS OFFICIAL POLICY OF THE ISC?: " “You’d be hard-pressed to find the conservative wing versus the liberal wing versus the intermediate wing. … And I think it has something to do with the way in which justices are selected (by the Judicial Nominating Commission vetting candidates, forwarding to the governor three names from which to choose). That is a filtering process in my view. It sort of keeps the extremes from making it through that process. … I think that process eliminates the outliers, and so you get what I like to call a group of raging centrists. …" WHEN IS DIVERSITY NOT WELCOME in Indiana? When it is diversity of viewpoint. Baaaa legal sheep, baaaa.

  2. For around two months now, dozens of professionals in the court reporting industry have asked Mr. Hubbard nicely (multiple times) to be removed from an unsolicited email list he started. He has ignored all of those requests. Is legal action really necessary? I hope not!

  3. Good argument can be made that voices in the first century were more dedicated to diversity and inclusion than even these uber progressive Indy-based legal eagles. Pioneers like Stan, for example: