Judge to throw out first pitch at pro bono night

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Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Melissa May will throw out the first pitch tonight at a Gary baseball game at which attorneys will be honored for their pro bono work.

Judge May will throw the first pitch at the Gary Southshore Railcats game at 7 p.m. and is the special guest of the evening. The judge is the chair of the Indiana Pro Bono Commission.

Tonight attorneys from NWI Volunteer Lawyers Inc. in the Pro Bono 1st Judicial District will be recognized for their work. The district serves Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, and Starke counties. Numerous awards will be handed out, including the overall pro bono publico award and overall most pro bono hours reported.

Lake Superior Judge Elizabeth F. Tavitas will welcome the crowd. This is the seventh annual recognition night for pro bono attorneys in this district.


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  1. Andrew, you are a whistleblower against an ideologically corrupt system that is also an old boys network ... Including old gals .... You are a huge threat to them. Thieves, liars, miscreants they understand, identify with, coddle. But whistleblowers must go to the stake. Burn well my friend, burn brightly, tyger.

  2. VSB dismissed the reciprocal discipline based on what Indiana did to me. Here we have an attorney actually breaking ethical rules, dishonest behavior, and only getting a reprimand. I advocated that this supreme court stop discriminating against me and others based on disability, and I am SUSPENDED 180 days. Time to take out the checkbook and stop the arrogant cheating to hurt me and retaliate against my good faith efforts to stop the discrimination of this Court.

  3. If another state believes by "Clear and convincing evidence" standard that Indiana's discipline was not valid and dismissed it, it is time for Curtis Hill to advise his clients to get out the checkbook. Discrimination time is over.

  4. Congrats Andrew, your street cred just shot up. As for me ... I am now an administrative law judge in Kansas, commissioned by the Governor to enforce due process rights against overreaching government agents. That after being banished for life from the Indiana bar for attempting to do the same as a mere whistleblowing bar applicant. The myth of one lowly peasant with the constitution does not play well in the Hoosier state. As for what our experiences have in common, I have good reason to believe that the same ADA Coordinator who took you out was working my file since 2007, when the former chief justice hired the same, likely to "take out the politically incorrect trash" like me. My own dealings with that powerful bureaucrat and some rather astounding actions .. actions that would make most state courts blush ... actions blessed in full by the Ind.S.Ct ... here:

  5. I presented my defense against discipline to the Virginia State Bar this morning and the 26-member Board of Discipline 100% rejected what Indiana has done to me, including what Ahler did. Discipline DISMISSED.