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Fee shifts an issue for court reporters

May 4, 2016
In certain situations, Tom Richardson will watch two attorneys in a deposition and will know one is going to get stuck with a bigger bill for the same service.More.

Lawyers scatter after century-old Carmel firm closes

May 27, 2016
A 100-year-old law firm in Hamilton County has dissolved, and a majority of its attorneys have launched new practices.More.

Deregulation touted for growth, innovation in legal profession

May 18, 2016
To revitalize the legal profession, an economist and Yale law student are calling for an end to the rules and regulations that require bar exam passage, prevent nonlawyers from practicing and prohibit anyone who does not hold a J.D. degree from owning law firms.More.

Keeping client relationships on track

May 18, 2016
As the Indianapolis Motor Speedway celebrates the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, its legal partner has its own milestone with the track. It's one of several firms marking significant anniversaries this year.More.

Attorneys feel at home with virtual practices

May 18, 2016
Lawyers like Kenneth Riggins use virtual practices to reduce their overhead, while technology allows them to practice from anywhere. Many arrange to have access to office space they can use when they need it.More.
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  1. Given the attorney unemployment reports all across the country proving the market over saturated with too many attorneys I suppose these student-hungry bureaucrats (who need new students as life blood / fresh meat for their institutions) would probably be willing to accept GED tests at this point as long as the wannabe legal eagles qualify for Federal student loans

  2. "a ttention to detail is an asset for all lawyers." Well played, Indiana Lawyer. Well played.

  3. As a former law school student I can attest that the traditional "rigor" of the law school curriculum is sufficiently lacking as is the practical application of the law. Smart people with long term vision aren't heading towards law anymore folks. The stats handed out by the schools aren't honest - those were never really the job placement numbers or average salaries - at least not in the law profession they weren't. It's false advertising - those numbers were spun and likely still are. I dropped out about half way through during the recession in 2010 after racking up debt, feeling discouraged, and adopted a different career path as I saw 3Ls with dismal job prospects and a shrinking need for attorneys to do much more than the paper-chasing for more seasoned attorneys. I worked in the field as a legal assistant for a year prior to admission to Inlow, sold on the job placement numbers and the 'prestige' of my chosen career path only to become disenchanted even after a clerkship in which I saw the true practice of law to be a complete departure from the theoretical application being taught in my classrooms. Theory is essential in high level mathematics or in the liberal or creative arts but not in a profession that I believe houses approximately 500,000 professionals that actually are charged with the responsibility of practicing those theoretical concepts in real life situations. Law is very siloed and so is the curriculum - every student for him or herself which breeds that interpersonal chasm into the field. I have yet to meet anyone in the profession that truly has convinced me that they enjoy their work in practice. Granted, I haven't met most, but I've spoken to many people across the spectrum whether clerks or senior partners and they've all indicated that if given a chance, they'd each go back and do it all over again. The low scores may be a function of many things or a few but we all know that the law is very slow and too deliberate in adjusting course, and likely doesn't even realize that the younger generations coming up and through these graduate programs feel very strongly that they want to make a real difference - they are highly idealistic and may be suffering from witnessing the crash at the intersection of Idealism and Reality. Aka: Disenchantment.