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Cultivating the next generation

March 22, 2017
Attorney Joseph Smith is among a new cadre of leaders stepping into management positions, taking a seat on high-level committees or becoming practice chairs in large law firms. Baby boomers are retiring or transitioning from their practices, creating openings in leadership roles.More.

Hard line on immigration has Indiana attorneys scrambling

March 22, 2017
Since President Donald Trump took office, lawyers are seeing more fear and more work from clients worried about deportation.More.

Bill in Congress targets class actions

March 22, 2017
Trial lawyers contend the legislation would gut court access; defense attorneys say reforms are overdue.More.

Overruling COA, justices decide Florida law group must face suit

March 21, 2017
A Florida law group that hired several Indiana attorneys to represent clients in foreclosures and bankruptcies must face a civil lawsuit, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.More.

2 northern Indiana law firms rebuilding after fires

March 10, 2017
Two northern Indiana law firms were destroyed by separate fires this past week, forcing attorneys to scramble to set up new offices and continue to serve clients.More.
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  1. Best wishes on your new adventure, Don!

  2. I enrolled America's 1st tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) so you can trust me. I bet 1/3 of my clients were lawyers because they love tax-free deposits, growth and withdrawals or total tax freedom. Most of the time (always) these clients are uninformed about insurance law. Employer-based health insurance is simple if you read the policy. It says, Employers (lawyers) and employees who are working 30-hours-per-week are ELIGIBLE for insurance. Then I show the lawyer the TERMINATION clause which states: When you are no longer ELIGIBLE! Then I ask a closing question (sales term) to the lawyer which is, "If you have a stroke or cancer and become too sick to work can you keep your health insurance?" If the lawyer had dependent children they needed a "Dependent Conversion Privilege" in case their child got sick or hurt which the lawyers never had. Lawyers are pretty easy sales. Save premium, eliminate taxes and build wealth!

  3. BRAVO I SAY: "For example, the state of Michigan offers a “diversity pledge” that law firms can sign and then post on their websites, letting potential clients know that the firm is dedicated to providing counsel who can represent a wide range of views." Views! BUT HOW TO SQUARE THAT WITH THIS OFFICIAL POLICY OF THE ISC?: " “You’d be hard-pressed to find the conservative wing versus the liberal wing versus the intermediate wing. … And I think it has something to do with the way in which justices are selected (by the Judicial Nominating Commission vetting candidates, forwarding to the governor three names from which to choose). That is a filtering process in my view. It sort of keeps the extremes from making it through that process. … I think that process eliminates the outliers, and so you get what I like to call a group of raging centrists. …" WHEN IS DIVERSITY NOT WELCOME in Indiana? When it is diversity of viewpoint. Baaaa legal sheep, baaaa.