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Contingency fees still help to provide access to courts

February 25, 2015
Twenty-five years later, a plaintiff’s attorney says changes to statutes have impacted awards, but the system remains necessary.More.

Lawyers to lead annual March Against Hunger

February 17, 2015
The Indiana State Bar Association and the office of Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller will join with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry on Wednesday to kick off a monthlong effort to raise money and nonperishable donations for the state’s regional food banks.More.

Indianapolis lawyer wins $79M telecom verdict

February 11, 2015
An Indianapolis lawyer won a $79 million federal jury verdict for Missouri landowners who had not been compensated for fiber optic Internet cables a telecommunications company carried on power lines that crossed their property.More.

Homeless Project enables attorneys to offer advice and guidance to shelter residents

February 11, 2015
Residents in homeless shelters in Indianapolis are receiving legal advice and guidance through the Homeless Shelter Project. The program, now administered by the Indianapolis Bar Association, sends pairs of attorneys to a handful of shelters around the city every three weeks to meet with residents needing help.More.

Texts present unique challenges in evidence preservation and admission

February 11, 2015
Of the billions of text messages sent daily in the world, a few will wind up as evidence in litigation. A few that should will not, and that could mean trouble for lawyers.More.
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