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Putting technology into practice

April 19, 2017
The ISBA’s new law practice management coordinator wants to help solo and small firms stay competitive in today’s market.More.

Attorney to step down as radio talk-show host after 20 years

April 25, 2017
Conservative radio-show host and attorney Greg Garrison plans to retire in June after a 20-year run on Indianapolis station WIBC-FM 93.1, he announced Monday on the air.More.

Report: Millennials want to make partner, but take different path than older attorneys

April 14, 2017
Generational differences between baby boomer and millennial attorneys have created stark differences in how members of those generations approach their day-to-day tasks, but in terms of career goals, young attorneys today have the same long-term aspirations as their predecessors.More.

United passenger dragged off jet got concussion, lawyer says

April 13, 2017
The passenger dragged off a United Continental Holdings Inc. flight suffered a concussion, a broken nose and two lost teeth, one of his lawyers said Thursday.More.

National defense firm opens downtown Indy office

April 12, 2017
National defense law firm Foley & Mansfield has opened a new law office in Indianapolis, its third new office to open in the last two years.More.
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  1. The guy I want to marry has been in prison since we where15-16 yrs old and ive been in love with him all along and he disn't kill anyone and someone else DNA was in the house crime scene and his was never found at all how do get someone to look it the DNA or how do I get someone to look into his case I want to spend my life with him and its been 17 yrs I want him to come home?

  2. Anon asks: "What kind of lawsuits would you be involved in here in Indiana?" The upshot of this question, likely posed by my oppressors, is "we reserve the right to decide if you are a good fit with the Indiana bar_ -- and you are not worthy since you refused to pledge all of your allegiances, without caveat for even Christ, to the superstate on an Examiner's command." Of course this is blatantly discriminatory -- even totalitarian. But beyond that, consider this ... I was born and raised a Hoosier. I returned to Indiana in 2007 to be with my aging parents. I had been licensed in KS since 1996, SCOTUS since 2000, never disciplined, many times published in the federal law books, read the law and realized (I thought) that surely no impediment kept me from becoming an Indiana licensed attorney. I vastly underestimated the BLE's resolve to violate the constitutions to keep me unlicensed. I ended up having to move away, losing so very much ... suffering economically for believing that due process would win in the end. Sadly, last night my father, John Roger Brown, who had stood with me through it all, watching me come home to be with him and then have to watch me move away again, taking five of his grandchildren, due to the BLE's hostility ... the BLE using JLAP to acid test my Christian orthodoxy .... sadly last night my father lost his ongoing battle with so many health issues. He will never see my children again in this life. I will soon return to Indiana from Kansas to bury my Father, and then leave again, leaving my elderly Mother behind this time. I wish Dad could have witnessed justice done as to my bar application, wish he could have died with my children as his neighbors as we had planned. The force of injustice have rather triumphed, over and over, in this life. RIP Dad, you sacrificed and served during the Korean War for the freedom of others, only to then watch helplessly as agents of one of the very government you served, that is, BLE/JLAP bureaucrats, backed to the hilt by the ISC, then acid tested your firstborn son as to his religious faith much like the Marxist powers that you so bravely resisted operated during their Christian persecutions in Pyongyang, Beijing and Moscow. Such sad irony to note in the passing of JRB 1930-2017; my Father wanted me to fight such misuse of government power, I did it for him and for freedom:

  3. Re Anon: "I have read through parts of your Cert and to be honest, it sounds like you are attacking ... [the system]" Yes, attacking. The Left, that is the ACLU/ICLU, why when they question the government it is a "challenge." But when I use the constitution of Indiana, the constitution of the United States, the rules of the Indiana Supreme Court and the federal statutes to challenge the Board of Law Examiners and JLAP ... that is "attacking." As in bad, violent, must be put down by all means necessary, even if violating the court's own rules. My third Hail Mary to the SCOTUS highlighted this manipulative misuse of language by the entrenched Hoosier bureaucrats ... see here, pages 20 & 34: "Attacking" you allege, Anon? That likely reveals for whom you work. I plead in response that I was only doing this, as urged by my Kansas licensing authorities, as urged (but evidently only tongue in cheek) by the Indiana Supreme Court: " As a public citizen, a lawyer should seek improvement of the law, access to the legal system, the administration of justice and the quality of service rendered by the legal profession....The legal profession's relative autonomy carries with it special responsibilities of self-government. The profession has a responsibility to assure that its regulations are conceived in the public interest and not in furtherance of parochial or self-interested concerns of the bar.... Every lawyer is responsible for observance of the Rules of Professional Conduct. A lawyer should also aid in securing their observance by other lawyers... Self-regulation also helps maintain the legal profession's independence from government domination. An independent legal profession is an important force in preserving government under law, for abuse of legal authority is more readily challenged by a profession whose members are not dependent on government for the right to practice." This same Hoosier preamble is found in most state professional codes. My experience demonstrates, in spades, that as to Indiana it should be accompanied by a laugh track. (The joke, and its attendant economic collapse, is on me.)