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Ice Miller attorney stepping away from practice to combat child exploitation

January 11, 2017
Seth Thomas is preparing to jump off what he calls the treadmill of private practice to help combat the “most horrific awful evil thing” — cybersex trafficking and online exploitation of children.More.

New ABA Blueprint tool designed to increase solo, small firm efficiency

January 11, 2017
The American Bar Associatin's Blueprint, an online legal tech marketplace tool, launched in November 2016 and is meant to enable attorneys working at solo and small firms to quickly and easily find legal technology that meets their firms’ needs.More.

Minority law firm representation up modestly post-recession

January 9, 2017
Women and minorities have made small gains in representation in the legal community over the last seven years, though their representation in some areas of the legal profession is still below pre-recession levels, a new national report says.More.

Vegas lawyer accused of stealing millions from clients

January 5, 2017
A prominent Las Vegas wills and trusts lawyer who disappeared last month amid state bar allegations that he stole millions of dollars in client funds was indicted and arrested Wednesday on criminal charges that could get him up to 90 years in prison.More.

Indianapolis attorney tapped for national mock trial board

January 4, 2017
Criminal defense attorney and mock trial alumnus Scott Barnhart has been elected to the board of the National High School Mock Trial Championship.More.
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  1. Good argument can be made that voices in the first century were more dedicated to diversity and inclusion than even these uber progressive Indy-based legal eagles. Pioneers like Stan, for example:

  2. The origination numbers are in IL's more factually based, viewpoint neutral Oct. 14 article, and show that women partners' pay is 38.1% of their originations. For men, it's only 36.6%. To the extent origination isn't credited fairly, that should be addressed. But overall the split seems equitable, especially considering associates take home something like 20-25% of the revenue from their billable hours. To express a more cynical point: to many, elitist lawyer millionaires debating how unfair things are because, even though the numbers look totally equitable on their face, there might possibly be some latent gender bias that's holding down women law partners' half a million dollar salaries by a few bucks is sickening. This is especially true when people also see lawyers (fairly or not) as the folks that are helping companies ship jobs overseas, ship taxable income overseas through inversions, being smart arses who make it a point to act combative and intimidating (and not just at work), and as totally unaffordable. Sure, perhaps in a bias-free world you could make a little more money and buy a fourth BMW or take yet another trip to Europe. But we should probably forgive those who are unsympathetic to an insistence on rigid notions of income equality among law firm partners.

  3. Bravo to Julie King's reply ... took the words right out of my mouth. I have seen more and more attorneys using the title "Corporate Risk Officer" or Executive Risk Officer" rather than Corporate Counsel. I like the two former titles better than Corporate Counsel. For example,I found that Corporate Risk Officer is less threatening to outside other attorneys, business executives and others I would need to deal with to resolve business or legal related problems or to prevent risks to the corporation which may cause litigation and the need for expensive outside counsel. My duties broadened due to my need to interact with nearly every level personnel to prevent those foreseeable but unassuming risks which result in loss of revenue, impeding business progress, needless turn-over or retraining of personnel, intervention of government in business activity, taint of the company's reputation and wasted outside litigation fees and costs. due to litigation. Had I not had an "open door policy" the daily business and operational information I learned being exposed to all echelons of the business activity and personnel I would not have been able to act with celerity to prevent the risks to the corporation it would have resulted in serious loss revenue, increased the compliance cost and scrutiny to the operations of the business and killed business progress in key areas of the market targeted for expansion.