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Gift expands Maurer-linked conservation law program to McKinney students

August 27, 2014
Nature can’t always defend itself, but a recent gift to the Conservation Law Center in Bloomington will further the work of preserving environmental resources and open doors to more students drawn to a clinical experience in conservation law.More.

IU Maurer enticing students to come ‘Back Home Again’

October 22, 2014
Former Indiana residents may be able to attend Indiana University Maurer School of Law at the cost of in-state tuition, thanks to a new scholarship program announced Tuesday by the law school.More.

Court of Appeals to hear arguments at IU Maurer

October 21, 2014
Indiana University Maurer School of Law will host an oral argument of the Indiana Court of Appeals Wednesday at the school’s moot court.More.

NDLS loan repayment program growing in dollars and applications

October 20, 2014
Notre Dame Law School’s program to assist its graduates who pursue careers in the public service sector has reached the $1 million milestone.More.

IU Maurer to give scholarships to Purdue engineer grads

October 15, 2014
Indiana University Maurer School of Law announced Wednesday its third program with an in-state school to provide scholarships and mentoring to students who attend IU Maurer for law school. The school has partnered with Purdue University’s College of Engineering.More.
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  1. Don't believe me, listen to Pacino:

  2. Law school is social control the goal to produce a social product. As such it began after the Revolution and has nearly ruined us to this day: "“Scarcely any political question arises in the United States which is not resolved, sooner or later, into a judicial question. Hence all parties are obliged to borrow, in their daily controversies, the ideas, and even the language, peculiar to judicial proceedings. As most public men [i.e., politicians] are, or have been, legal practitioners, they introduce the customs and technicalities of their profession into the management of public affairs. The jury extends this habitude to all classes. The language of the law thus becomes, in some measure, a vulgar tongue; the spirit of the law, which is produced in the schools and courts of justice, gradually penetrates beyond their walls into the bosom of society, where it descends to the lowest classes, so that at last the whole people contract the habits and the tastes of the judicial magistrate.” ? Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

  3. Thanks Jane. I think US News likes to move print and sell advertising so it makes up polls like this to keep some eyeballs on its fading magazine operation. A ranking like this helps create perception that propels the reality you refer to; nonetheless, I was referring to the overall quality of the education offered at these schools. I am modestly familiar with the course work and professorships of several law schools from Indiana and also including Chicago and I would say that, excepting University of Chicago which truly is a top tier school, the rest of them are not that different. Oh, some have fancier facilties, who can begrudge the beauty of the Notre Dame campus or Northwestern, some have bigger name professors, some have more access to better paying employers, but guess what, some of the "lower" schools actually prepare lawyers better than the more expensive ones. I think the biggest differences are in tuition, and selection criteria. The rest of it is mostly "sales puffing." I also think that law students should probably thank themselves if they don't enslave themselves to "Big Law" and all that entails. I know a few who would say its just not worth the money.