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Gift expands Maurer-linked conservation law program to McKinney students

August 27, 2014
Nature can’t always defend itself, but a recent gift to the Conservation Law Center in Bloomington will further the work of preserving environmental resources and open doors to more students drawn to a clinical experience in conservation law.More.

IU McKinney creates 2 new partnerships

November 21, 2014
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law has announced another partnership to identify top undergraduates who want to pursue a legal education at the Indianapolis law school.More.

Indiana law schools part of a trend to establish exchanges with China

November 19, 2014
In addition to the scholarly research and visiting professorships, student exchanges between China and three Indiana law schools – IU McKinney, IU Maurer and Notre Dame Law School – give students in both countries the opportunity to learn about the law of another country as well as its culture and history.More.

IU McKinney postpones lecture

November 18, 2014
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law has postponed the third annual Birch Bayh Lecture that had been scheduled for Thursday at the law school.More.

IU Maurer enticing students to come ‘Back Home Again’

October 22, 2014
Former Indiana residents may be able to attend Indiana University Maurer School of Law at the cost of in-state tuition, thanks to a new scholarship program announced Tuesday by the law school.More.
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  1. The sad thing is that no fish were thrown overboard The "greenhorn" who had never fished before those 5 days was interrogated for over 4 hours by 5 officers until his statement was illicited, "I don't want to go to prison....." The truth is that these fish were measured frozen off shore and thawed on shore. The FWC (state) officer did not know fish shrink, so the only reason that these fish could be bigger was a swap. There is no difference between a 19 1/2 fish or 19 3/4 fish, short fish is short fish, the ticket was written. In addition the FWC officer testified at trial, he does not measure fish in accordance with federal law. There was a document prepared by the FWC expert that said yes, fish shrink and if these had been measured correctly they averaged over 20 inches (offshore frozen). This was a smoke and mirror prosecution.

  2. It would be hard not to feel the Kramers' anguish. But Catholic Charities, by definition, performed due diligence and held to the statutory standard of care. No good can come from punishing them for doing their duty. Should Indiana wish to change its laws regarding adoption agreements and or putative fathers, the place for that is the legislature and can only apply to future cases. We do not apply new laws to past actions, as the Kramers seem intent on doing, to no helpful end.

  3. See, I can understand if the child is in danger or the parents are unfit and the grandparents what to be able to see their grandchild or have rights to them. Right now I am going threw something on the opposite end. I am a single mother who is clean and has no criminal background yet my daughter's father's mother has started threatening me saying she's wanting to sue me for visitation. I let her come see her when she asks too. I do not let her take her anywhere because I don't know if she will run off. My daughters father has even said she wouldn't put it passed her. Let alone the charges that are on her husband and one that was on her 10 years or so ago but still. I don't feel ok with my child being around that without me or someone else there. I try to be nice I do but its getting to the point where I am done and I pray it would be ok.