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Indiana Tech’s closing of law school leaves  unanswered questions

May 31, 2017
As the law school's last class graduates, its website has been taken down andstudents begin to transfer to other programs.More.

Top students still not interested in a JD

June 19, 2017
A few months before law schools around the country begin a new academic year, the number of people applying for admission has slipped, with the greatest decline coming from applicants posting the highest LSAT scores.More.

Experts say Court of Appeals ruling leaves death penalty in limbo

June 14, 2017
Legal experts from Indiana’s law schools said the decision casts uncertainty on the death penalty going forward, though they said by no means is the court’s ruling a moratorium on future executions.More.

McKinney grad named to rural affairs USDA post

June 13, 2017
An Indiana native and graduate of Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law has been named to a U.S. Department of Agriculture post overseeing rural issues. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced Monday that Anne Hazlett will lead the USDA's rural development agencies.More.

ABA looks again at bar passage

June 7, 2017
Although the House of Delegates rejected the proposal in February, the American Bar Association is still taking steps to tighten the bar passage requirements for law schools.More.
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  1. If the courts are 100% sure they are guilty then I am for the death penalty as long as they don't let them live 15 years by appeals. That way the family of the vic has put up with all the time not finished. It would change killers minds about what they were doing!!!

  2. It is not the powerless attorneys who need to be directed to uphold the constitutions. It is the powerful, like those Hoosier attorneys and judges who "extreme vetted" me over my religion ... to keep me out of the bar, and then banished me for life for daring to blow the whistle on their founders'denying double standards and constitution-violating ways. What attorney, fresh out of law school, would ever believe that this question can be asked in a bar admission hearing, as was put to me: “My question is direct, is that correct … do you firmly believe that you’re obligated as a Christian to put obedience to God’s law above human law? That’s my question to you?” “Is that assessment correct? The question is, is that assessment correct?” Force to choose between my Saviour/King and the Hoosier judiciary, I chose Jesus. And my family has paid a very dear price, much like Soviet Christians put to the same vetting by statist Kommissars. Details here: SO YES, LET us all hold fast to the constitutions. I did, and as a whistleblower against powerful Hoosier Kommisars am now forbidden, for the rest of my life, from ever re-applying to the Indiana bar .... after passing the Indiana bar exam, which they did allow me to sit for .. despite grave concerns about my loyalty to their brand of rabid secularism. Doctors of the law, heal thyselves before preaching to those young and idealistic unpolluted ones who know better... and see through your rampant corruption.

  3. As a former big law hiring partner, I agree with the panel. I look forward to hearing about the incentives Justice Kourlis envisions for incentivizing law schools to change their admissions policies in defiance of the US News rankings. Law schools will not be able to do so on their own without taking enormous risks.