sex offenders


COA dismisses sex offender’s ‘premature’ appeal

A convicted sex offender who has not yet received treatment in a state-mandated Department of Correction program cannot move forward with his appeal of the dismissal of his complaints against the DOC and its contracted health services provider because the appeal is premature, the Indiana Court of Appeals held Wednesday.
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Judge orders 3 off sex offender registry

Three men who moved to Indiana and were required to put their names on the state’s sex offender registry are likely to win their lawsuit that claims they wouldn’t face that requirement had they lived in Indiana all their lives, a judge ruled, ordering their names removed.
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Justices deny transfer in suit stemming from meningitis outbreak

The Indiana Court of Appeals’ ruling that some claims from those injured or family members of those who died after being injected with contaminated steroids are governed by the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act will stand after the Indiana Supreme Court declined to take the case on transfer last week.
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