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ABA releases report on improving lawyer well-being

In an effort to reverse a trend toward increasing mental health and addiction issues among legal professionals, several national lawyer well-being groups have partnered together to release a new report, which offers recommendations for both preventing and treating lapses in attorneys’ mental health.
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Indiana joins ABA’s portal offering free legal advice

In recent months, the Indiana resource transitioned from being a stand-alone website that the Indiana Bar Foundation operated to becoming a part of the American Bar Association’s online portal, ABAFreeLegalAnswers.org. Currently, the bar foundation is reintroducing the website — indiana.freelegalanswers.org — to attorneys around the state.
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ABA looks again at bar passage

Although the House of Delegates rejected the proposal in February, the American Bar Association is still taking steps to tighten the bar passage requirements for law schools.
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ABA president addresses ISBA solo, small firm conference

The legal industry is evolving quickly, with technological advancements and societal shifts making the traditional paper-and-pencil model of practicing law nearly obsolete. But for solo and small firm attorneys, the administrative burdens of simply running their firms can significantly eat into the time they would otherwise devote to developing new and more efficient methods of doing their work.
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