Retired Posner had significant impact on Indiana

With more than 30 years on the appellate bench, Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has authored some important opinions about Indiana law. He wrote the majority opinions that allowed same-sex couples to marry, enabled Syrian refugees to immigrate and required voters to show identification before casting their ballots.
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7th Circuit: Retired veteran can’t sue government for distress

A retired veteran who was wrongfully deprived of incapacitation payments during his time in the reserves cannot sue the U.S. government for distress caused by that deprivation because existing caselaw prohibits servicemembers from suing the government for injuries accrued while in the military, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.
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Rucker retires after 26 years on appellate bench

Ask a member of the Indiana judiciary to describe former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker, and you’ll get answers such as “empathetic” or “compassionate.” And those who sat on either side of Rucker during his nearly 18 years on the state’s highest bench say the now-retired justice never let his sense of humanity outweigh the rule of law.
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Retiring Rucker urges diversity on court

As the first African-American to serve on the state’s appellate bench, retiring Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker said he doesn’t think of himself as a trailblazer, but he said it’s important the state’s high court look like the population it serves.
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