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“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Eye in the Sky”
Take Bob Hammerle's advice on the latest superhero blockbuster: Forget the hokey script and see "Batman v Superman" at an IMAX theater.
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Mediation confidentiality; ADR rules review coming

The Indiana Supreme Court reiterated in its opinion that Indiana has not adopted the UMA. They also acknowledged that the two amici organizations have further worked to create a task force to review the rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution (now formally recognized by the court).
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Maley: Updated series is valuable for practitioners

As the practice has moved from law-firm libraries to online research on laptops and iPads, there remains a place for comprehensive, in-depth and practical treatises and practice guides. Since 1998, Westlaw’s Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts has been just such a valuable resource.
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