Wrongful death

October 13, 2010
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Trial Report

Schroeder v. Todd’s Companion Plus

Marion Superior Court No. 11 49D11-0611-CT-47580

Injuries: Wrongful death

Date: July 13, 2010

Judge or Jury Trial: Judge

Judge: Hon. John F. Hanley

Disposition: Judgment in favor of defendant
Plaintiff Attorney: Larry Vanore

Defendant Attorney: Paul O. Mullin

Insurance: Pharmacist Mutual

Case Information: Plaintiff elderly woman and son hire a home-companion company (defendant) to send a worker to assist the woman. Elderly woman dies and unusual mail order items appear at the home. Elderly woman’s estate believed that worker deliberately hid medication instructions and bought goods for herself on internet with elderly woman’s credit card.
--Paul Mullin


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  1. How do you go about each day with out having resentment or ill will towards the evil that has done this to you? Is it your faith that keeps you going and knowing that someday they will have to answer to God? At church our pastor talked about forgiveness and how Jesus forgave our sins and we should too. Its very hard knowing that we do the right thing in this world, and those that are liars, thieves, are continued in power and continue on doing their jobs, while you are banished from something that you have every right to do with out being penalized.

  2. From my post below .... I cut and pasted in error:

  3. Your prayers must account for some of the wind beneath my wings. That and this: His yoke is easy, His burden light. OK, now to bring this comment thread 100% back to the topic at hand. From my secret files, never before published, a letter that Commission head Myra Selby deemed interesting, but ..... This Hail Mary was ignored by the Commission, and then cited by the Indiana bar examiners to justify the need for a lifetime banishment from the Indiana Supreme Court. I tender it as a study in anti white male anti Christian antipathy in the Indiana court system. Focused upon the Race (ie not white) and Gender (ie not male) and not religious Commission for "fairness." Uncle Karl, eat your heart out: ...

  4. What a disgrace of Judicial Proceedings. Can complain and write comments forever but someone needs to show the mother how to fight back before he turns this little girl against her.

  5. The truth comes out Issac Law Firm for Men helped Montgomery to get custody.Should read the lies he told them.How much was paid to the judges?