Division of State Court Administration

After 5 years, state court data system Odyssey isn't halfway home

In the Greek epic “The Odyssey,” Homer’s hero Odysseus takes 10 years to return home after the Trojan War. Indiana’s Odyssey might take longer to reach its goal. Odyssey, the state-backed court case management system that aims to connect and modernize more than 400 trial courts, is continuing its laborious progress, locality by locality.
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LaPorte County joins Odyssey

The LaPorte County courts and clerk’s offices are the latest to join the case management system implemented by the Division of State Court Administration’s Judicial Technology and Automation Committee.
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Attorney registration portal revamped

State court officials heard the grumbling of lawyers who for the first time last year had to register, pay fees and provide contact information online. It was confusing, difficult to navigate and frustrating. Now it will be different.
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