Energy & Environmental Law

Turning brownfields into green land neither cheap nor easy

A 20-year-old state environmental law, oblique court decisions and a provision inserted seven years ago into the statute of limitations are coming together in a case from Elkhart that many environmental lawyers are hoping will finally settle lingering debates over when suits recouping cleanup costs may be filed.
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Harrell and Lucas: CPP vs. ACE — A case study of administrative ‘parenting styles’

Most of us can recall when our caretakers made different parenting choices to achieve similar outcomes. Some embraced “tough love” where discipline and strictness set expectations. Others used gentler encouragement and allowed broader autonomy. Those parenting styles — the “tough” versus the “flexible” parent — are apt frameworks for comparing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) and the Trump-era Affordable Clean Energy rule (ACE) approaches to carbon dioxide emissions limits for electric utility steam generating units (EGUs).
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