same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage rulings stand

The Supreme Court of the United States has let stand rulings from the 7th Circuit and other federal courts that will end laws against same-sex marriage in Indiana and other states.
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Economic harm is key part of gay marriage argument

When the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Sept. 4 affirmed Indiana’s marriage law was unconstitutional, Judge Richard Posner’s opinion gave special nod to the economic harm married same-sex couples suffer by not receiving the tangible state and federal benefits that are extended to married opposite-sex couples.
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7th Circuit: Marriage law is unconstitutional

Indiana’s assertion that preventing same-sex marriage encourages responsible procreation among heterosexuals was unequivocally rejected Sept. 4 in a blistering opinion from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which said the state’s argument could not be taken seriously.
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