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COA: Officer peeking in window acted as Girl Scout would

A man with drug-related convictions failed to sway an appellate court that his rights against illegal search and seizure were violated when an officer peeked through his window before arresting him. The Indiana Court of Appeals concluded the officer acted no differently than a Girl Scout in approaching the man’s door.
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Appellate court reduces theft restitution by more than $62K

A man who stole nearly $100,000 from his Ripley County employer will only have to pay about $36,000 in restitution after the Indiana Court of Appeals determined the trial court erred in ordering the man to pay back the full amount. But the court also upheld the man’s 15-year theft sentence, finding it was not inappropriate.
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Cop whose slurs were recorded quits Hammond police

A white police sergeant who spent 26 years with the Hammond Police Department has resigned while under investigation for homophobic and racist comments made while off duty at a bar. Lt. Steven Kellogg said the officer submitted a retirement letter Thursday, two hours before an interview.
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