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Supreme Court to hear legal malpractice, marijuana cases

The fate of a legal malpractice claim will be decided by the Indiana Supreme Court next week after the justices hear oral arguments to decide whether the claim can continue. Justices also will hear a case challenging the probable cause that led to a man's conviction after discovery of a marijuana grow.
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Suit: Military defense counsel detained for excusing attorney Kammen

Accused terrorist Abd al-Rahim Hussein al-Nashiri has asked a federal court to stop his criminal proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, claiming the federal government is denying his right to qualified counsel during a death penalty case. The suit alleges his lead defender in his military trial at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been sentenced to to 21 days of confinement.
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Woman’s health care fraud, ID misuse convictions upheld

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a woman’s convictions for health care fraud and misusing an identity. The panel determined the district court properly handed down indictments and admitted evidence to allow the government to prove the woman was involved in a plan to defraud Indiana’s Medicaid program.
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