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Justices make amendments to appellate 'Notice of Defect' rules

The Indiana Supreme Court has made amendments to how attorneys and litigants are required to respond when their appellate filings do not comply with Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure. An order from the court inserts new language into Appellate Rule 23 related to correcting filing defects and creates a new appendix to the rule.
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Mishawaka teen charged with killing pregnant schoolmate

An Indiana high school football player told investigators that he killed a 17-year-old schoolmate because he was angry that she waited so long to tell him she was pregnant with his child that it was too late to get an abortion, authorities said Monday. Aaron Trejo, 16, was charged as an adult with murder in the Sunday killing of Breana Rouhselang and the fetus.
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IBF honors civic education, access to justice volunteers

The Indiana Bar Foundation's 2018 Awards Dinner honored Indiana attorneys, bar associations and teachers for their contributions to the foundation, the We the People program and the cause of justice across the state. The dinner, held Sunday night, also recognized this year's Bar Foundation Fellows and featured an announcement about the creation of a new endowment. 
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