DTCI: Revisiting Medical Monitoring Class Actions

In recent years, federal and state courts have issued numerous decisions involving medical monitoring. The results of these decisions make a couple of things clear. The first is that the viability of medical monitoring claims continues to decrease, and the second is that both federal and state courts overwhelmingly deny certification in medical monitoring class actions.

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DTCI: Handling Depositions Like A Pro

It’s no secret that depositions can make or break your defense. A discovery deposition is generally your one and only chance to learn what a witness knows and what they might say at trial. Failing to take advantage of this tool can lead to big consequences down the road, whether at trial or in a dispositive or other motion.
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DTCI: Pro trip — head up north to avoid vacation deficit disorder

This year, the annual DTCI conference in South Bend will include a presentation on stress management. Those who find themselves with spare time in the northern part of Indiana should cross the state line into Michigan. I have heard numerous people say that the instant they enter Michigan on the Red Arrow Highway, they feel like they are on vacation.
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DTCI: Award nominations invited

The Defense Trial Counsel’s Annual Meeting will be held Nov. 15 and 16 in South Bend at the University of Notre Dame. One of the highlights of the meeting will be the presentation of the “Defense Lawyer of the Year,” the “Diplomat of the Indiana Defense Trial Counsel” and the “Outstanding Young Lawyer” awards. The DTCI Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for this year’s awards.
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