Articles by Olivia Covington

Indiana Bar Exam faces its own test

As bar exam passage rates continue to decline and a majority of states move to a Uniform Bar Examination, the Indiana Supreme Court is taking steps to determine if the Hoosier state should follow suit and change its gateway test for admission to the Indiana bar.
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Hoosier civil forfeiture case at SCOTUS tests excessive fines prohibition

Marion resident Tyson Timbs never expected to be the face of civil forfeiture reform at the United States Supreme Court. Several times during his five-year legal battle, Timbs wanted to throw in the towel. Sometimes, all he wanted was to put his past trouble with the law behind him. But he also said he wanted to fight against what he views as widespread unjust civil forfeiture practices.
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Disciplinary Commission: ‘License rental’ model with non-Hoosier attorneys poses ethics risk

The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is warning lawyers of the potential ethical pitfalls that can arise when Hoosier attorneys affiliate themselves with out-of-state law firms or non-lawyer legal services companies. Such relationships could allow the non-Indiana groups to offer legal services in the Hoosier state without actually having to be a member of the Indiana bar, the commission said.

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