IndyBar: The Least You Can Do Might Be Just Enough

I’ve always been fascinated by the law of unknown consequences. Books have been written and movies have been made about the dominos that fall after some seemingly random act. But most of these stories are negative. We focus less on the positive, perhaps because we hear less about it. Yet I would argue that we have overlooked one of the most important aspects of human existence — the positive impact we can have on others whom we may never see again.
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IndyBar: When Maslow’s Hierarchy Is Irrelevant

In college, I learned about the “hierarchy of needs,” is a five-stage model, depicted as a pyramid by psychologist Abraham Maslow, in which human needs progress from basic needs (food, water and warmth) through psychological needs (intimate relationships) and peaking with self-fulfillment needs (self-actualization). What I did not comprehend as a college student was how many in our country are in situations that do not allow the luxury of fulfillment of psychological needs, let alone the dream of attaining self-actualization.
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IndyBar: Celebrating the Practice of Law, 25 and 50 Years at a Time

We will honor 18 attorneys who have achieved 50 years of practice and 62 attorneys who have practiced for 25 years on May 9 at the Woodstock Club for the annual Practice Milestone Celebration. Each of these attorneys has a remarkable story of hard work, dedication and commitment. I wish I could write a column about them all, but I only have room to focus on three 50-year practitioners who have personally impacted me in my career.
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