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Leading legal scholar to talk SCOTUS in Indianapolis

One of the nation’s foremost legal scholars will be featured in an upcoming discussion in Indianapolis exploring the current United States Supreme Court and its future. Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the University of California Berkeley School of Law, formerly founding dean of the UC Irvine School of Law, will be the featured guest at an Indianapolis Bar Association event Monday, April 29, from 1:30 to 6 p.m.
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IndyBar: Reflecting on 50 Years of Life in the Profession

Events of 50 years ago remain clear in the minds of our colleagues who’ve been fortunate enough to have practiced law since then. We had the chance to talk with a few of them to gain insight into just a few of the things that have changed and the advice they have for practitioners today.
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IndyBar: Celebrating the Practice of Law, 25 and 50 Years at a Time

We will honor 18 attorneys who have achieved 50 years of practice and 62 attorneys who have practiced for 25 years on May 9 at the Woodstock Club for the annual Practice Milestone Celebration. Each of these attorneys has a remarkable story of hard work, dedication and commitment. I wish I could write a column about them all, but I only have room to focus on three 50-year practitioners who have personally impacted me in my career.
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DTCI: A dramatic, real life slip-and-fall case fit for television

Is being an attorney as exciting as it looks on TV? I’m sure as lawyers, we have all heard one version of this question or another. Usually, I say, “Nah, television makes everything seem more dramatic.” I definitely watch shows that depict lawyers with a healthy dose of eye-rolling. My 2019 practice of law, however, started off with a story fit for television.
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IndyBar: Bearing the Burden of Reasoned Argument

Once armed with the facts, the lawyer may then apply the rules to the facts. Whether ultimately successful or not, a well-reasoned application of the law to the proper set of facts is one of the most satisfying efforts in our profession.
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IndyBar: Make a Difference — Volunteer for Free Wills Clinic on April 16

Attorneys, paralegals and law students are needed as volunteers to do intake, conduct private legal consultations with qualified applicants, draft paperwork and witness document signing. Estate planning attorneys are needed but non-probate-savvy attorneys will also be put to good use. Have a notary license? You’re needed too!
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DTCI: Are sellers safe from strict liability under the IPLA?

Practitioners who regularly represent sellers in product liability cases should become thoroughly familiar with “innocent seller” or “innocent distributor” statutes and the case law surrounding them. Counsel should not assume that simply because their client is a seller, their client is protected from strict liability.

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