Law Student Outlook: Sexual misconduct and the evolving workplace

One of the most common responses we have seen from current law students is a zero-tolerance policy for instances of sexual misconduct. As the culture has changed in the last few months nationwide about the topic, it has invaded the law school, so far as being part of a few exam fact patterns.
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Ruesch: Cyberinsurance outlook for 2018: Risks evolve, as does coverage

While businesses and industries across the board continue to address how best to evolve their data security and practices to, at the very least, minimize the risk of a cyberattack, the insurance industry is also evolving and working with these companies to produce and market insurance policies and products to respond to a cyber event.
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Kilies: Discover a way to avoid the document dump

In a case where lots of documents are expected, an online platform can be used to exchange some of them. Given the time and expense associated with the discovery process, we must find creative ways to make the process less burdensome.
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