Mills: AI’s impact, from driverless cars to lawyerless law firms

For decades, lawyers had a false sense of security that they were safe from technological automation because their work involved complex decision-making and creative problem-solving that a computer algorithm could never match. However, technology runs in a single direction toward improvement.
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Federal Bar Update: The 3-business-day provision for seeking extensions of time

Effective Dec. 1, the Southern District of Indiana adopted various Local Rules amendments, specifically to Local Rules 5-2, 5-3 and 5-7 (electronic filing); Local Rule 6-1 (extensions of time); Local Rule 81-2 (removed actions), and; Local Rule 83-5 (admission). The amendments to Local Rule 6-1(a) are significant in that they impact the process of seeking extensions of time for filing deadlines.
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JLAP: Lawyer wellness push extends beyond law firms

The recent emphasis on lawyer well-being is not limited to private law firms. Corporate legal departments, the public sector and other legal employers are embracing some of the wellness initiatives being implemented at many law firms.
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