Law Firm Succession Planning: Key questions develop a strategy

What are your goals for your retirement and law firm succession plan, and how do you plan to achieve them? Do you have any timetable in mind? It can be difficult for some of us to sit down and think about retirement and how we will plan our exit from our practice. But just as in estate planning, we need to face these issues.
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DTCI: Take your deposition preparation beyond the ancient commands

Deposition preparation should not be a reflex exercise. Simply relying on your tried-and-true deposition preparation outline with the long list of ancient commands (“Don’t guess!” “Don’t elaborate!” “Don’t volunteer!”) is wrong. All witnesses are not created equal, so your next deposition preparation session should not be the same as your last.
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Living Fit: 6 tips to eating right and staying energized on the job

Other than getting a good night’s sleep, there’s probably nothing that impacts your productivity and mood at work more than what you eat. Yet you probably give little thought to what you consume before and during work, defaulting instead to what’s convenient, cheap and tasty. Fortunately, there are a few basic food guidelines that can help you eat better to perform better on the job.

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