Cole: Congress to the rescue in race to save software patents

When it often takes three to five years to secure a patent, you don’t want to empty your patent application pipeline if you think the law will change in the near term. And now it is looking increasingly likely that Congress will step in and bring order to the current chaos.
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Roach & Hiler: Top 10 technology licensing pitfalls

While license agreements are often complex, we have seen many common pitfalls in licenses for patents and know-how (trademark and copyright licenses present similar issues, but are beyond the scope of this article). A “top 10” is a somewhat arbitrary list, but here goes:
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Law: Zany Zillow ‘Zestimates’ zing homeowners

While the 7th Circuit’s decision in Patel v. Zillow likely reinforces what many homeowners and potential homebuyers likely believed about the accuracy of Zillow’s Zestimates or the comparable estimate tools provided by websites such as Trulia and Realtor.com, what it shows about the changing technological market for information on residential homes is equally telling.

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Doell & Sen: Are opportunity zones really creating opportunities?

Since the Opportunity Zones program became law more than one year ago, curiosity has grown among investors. Yet, a press release from Preqin, a company providing data, solutions and insights for alternative asset professionals, suggests that curiosity concerning Opportunity Zones isn’t necessarily translating into sizeable dollar figures.
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Trimble: Do alternative legal communities challenge traditional bars?

Almost every day I have to remind myself that I have the implicit biases and attitudes of a sixty-something white guy. In our rapidly changing legal profession, there is no shortage of change that is heading-spinning for most senior lawyers. If we don’t open our minds and embrace change, our profession will pass us by. The rise of so-called alternative legal communities is one such example.
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