COA: Arbitration agreements in investment case enforceable

After a married couple that filed a complaint against their retirement investors for significant decreases in investment funds appealed a trial court order to compel arbitration, the Indiana Court of Appeals concluded arbitration agreements between the parties were enforceable and subject to the Federal Arbitration Act.
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Divided Supreme Court rules for businesses over workers

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled employers can prohibit workers from banding together to dispute their pay and conditions in the workplace, an important victory for business interests. The justices ruled 5-4 Monday, with the court’s conservative members in the majority, that businesses can force employees to individually use arbitration, not the courts, to resolve disputes.
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Hill supports ending sexual harassment arbitration requirements

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has joined with the attorneys general of all 50 states and other U.S. territories in support of federal legislation ending forced arbitration after incidents of workplace sexual harassment.The National Association of Attorneys General sent the letter voicing its support for such legislation to Congressional leaders Monday.
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