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DTCI: Importance of Perfectly Worded Risk Transfer Provisions

As with any contractual agreement, the importance of shifting or transferring risk in the unfortunate event of either bodily injury or property damage loss is imperative. The importance of transferring risk in construction cases cannot be overstated since the damages are often significant and catastrophic.
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DTCI: A dramatic, real life slip-and-fall case fit for television

Is being an attorney as exciting as it looks on TV? I’m sure as lawyers, we have all heard one version of this question or another. Usually, I say, “Nah, television makes everything seem more dramatic.” I definitely watch shows that depict lawyers with a healthy dose of eye-rolling. My 2019 practice of law, however, started off with a story fit for television.
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DTCI: Are sellers safe from strict liability under the IPLA?

Practitioners who regularly represent sellers in product liability cases should become thoroughly familiar with “innocent seller” or “innocent distributor” statutes and the case law surrounding them. Counsel should not assume that simply because their client is a seller, their client is protected from strict liability.

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DTCI: Law can keep you running, so it’s important to run

Because we are always running from obligation to obligation, you may find little time for yourself and to decompress. However, in order to be the husband, father and lawyer I want to be, I have to find time to run. And I don’t mean from obligation to obligation, but to actually run.
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DTCI: The Sanctity of the Hoosier Paycheck

Wage and labor litigation is the hot new cottage industry. With a mandatory award of attorney fees and risk for substantial defense costs, lawsuits for unpaid wages arising under state and federal law should heighten employers’ review of just what goes in, and what gets taken out of, one of the most sacred covenants of employment: the paycheck.
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DTCI: A call to action on our diversity and inclusion mission

While statistics have shown some progress and modest increases in the numbers of minorities and women within the legal profession as a whole, Indiana has seemed to lag behind. Accordingly, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana has taken the initiative to help change that within this state.
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DTCI: Questions Remain as 20th Anniversary of Sword Approaches

As the twentieth anniversary of Sword v. NKC Hospitals, Inc., et al. approaches, questions remain. What qualifies as meaningful notice? What are the best steps a hospital or health care entity should take to limit their liability? Will Sword apply to health care providers outside the traditional hospital setting?

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