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DTCI: My doctor is liable for how much?

As attorneys who practice frequently in the area of medical negligence, it is not uncommon to be presented with a case in which the plaintiff seeks damages under both the Medical Malpractice Act (MMA) and the Wrongful Death Act. This article describes how these statutes work together, how to apply the caps, and discusses when a provider can be responsible for paying more than the MMA cap.
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DTCI: Thanks to the Board of Editors

hen DTCI members receive the current issue of the Indiana Civil Litigation Review, they should take a moment to thank not only the authors but also the members of the board of editors who volunteer their time to produce a quality publication. Through their efforts, the Review is a publication of which we may all be proud.
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DTCI: Indiana Civil Litigation Review

The DTCI’s flagship publication, the Indiana Civil Litigation Review, will be distributed soon. Members and subscribers can anticipate another issue full of valuable information and analyses by leaders of Indiana’s defense bar.

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