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Dunlap: High-quality civic education is worth the investment

Having been involved in civic education in Indiana for almost 20 years, I welcome the recent increased attention on the need to have more civic education in our schools. Civic education holds us together as a state and country by giving us the tools we need to be informed and engaged citizens.
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Study: Indiana legal aid agencies return $6.70 for every dollar invested

A recent study examined 12 separate legal services agencies around Indiana and calculated the organizations’ social return on investment. The group dug into the financials for the year 2017 and concluded that for every $1 invested in Indiana legal aid that year, the state received $6.70 in immediate and long-term financial benefits.
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IBF honors civic education, access to justice volunteers

The Indiana Bar Foundation's 2018 Awards Dinner honored Indiana attorneys, bar associations and teachers for their contributions to the foundation, the We the People program and the cause of justice across the state. The dinner, held Sunday night, also recognized this year's Bar Foundation Fellows and featured an announcement about the creation of a new endowment. 
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