Juvenile justice



DOC wardship of juvenile delinquent affirmed

A 17-year-old adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent has failed to convince the Indiana Court of Appeals to overturn the Indiana Department of Correction’s wardship over him after failing to prove the case’s disposition constituted fundamental error. But the COA also urged courts to consider allowing juveniles to speak in such cases.
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Indiana man convicted in double slaying wants 100-year sentence cut

A northeastern Indiana man convicted as a teenager in his mother and stepfather’s 1994 slayings is seeking to have his 100-year sentence shortened. Aaron Brown’s request for post-conviction relief contends court rulings have found that imposing a “de facto life sentence” on a juvenile is improper when their juvenile status isn’t considered.
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Justices vacate juvenile gun adjudication as double jeopardy

Indiana Supreme Court justices affirmed in part a Marion Superior Court decision on Monday that found a 16-year-old delinquent. Justices affirmed the teen’s dangerous possession of a firearm adjudication but vacated his adjudication for carrying a handgun without a license, as both the state and defense agreed it constituted double jeopardy.
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