Oral arguments



Supreme Court hears criminal gang enhancement case

After his criminal gang enhancement was vacated on appeal, a Vanderburgh County man’s sentence for various armed robbery charges reduced from 60 to 30 years. Now, the state is arguing the trial court should have discretion to resentence the defendant in accordance with his crimes, but the defendant claims no such discretion exists.
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Justices hear police officer sexual assault cases

Two cases from opposite ends of the state jointly came before the Indiana Supreme Court on Thursday for guidance on the same question: if a police officer sexually assaults a citizen while on duty, should municipalities be held liable for the officer’s actions as the employer?
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7th Circuit to hear arguments over Indiana’s abortion law

Indiana’s controversial law that limits a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion will be argued before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday morning. The 2016 law that was barred from taking effect by a federal judge in Indianapolis will be the subject of oral arguments in an appeal brought by the state.
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Justices consider delinquent adjudications for teen who threatened school

In the fall of 2015, a Seymour High School student began planning a “Columbine-style” attack on his school specifically targeting two students — a girl he had a crush on, and the other boy that girl liked. The plan was reported and foiled without any harm, but now the Indiana Supreme Court must decide whether delinquent adjudications imposed on the high school conspirator will stand.
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