Judge Margret G. Robb



Corrected exhibit slipped by COA; 'disregard’ admonishment

The Indiana Court of Appeals, which issued a stern warning to defendants about misrepresenting their case, acknowledged an amended exhibit had been given to the trial court. While reaffirming its earlier decision, the panel noted that a harshly worded footnote criticizing defense counsel in the personal injury case "is to be disregarded."

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Majority: Trooper’s questioning violated Seatbelt Enforcement Act

A state trooper’s recollection of a woman’s name on a national drug registry does not provide an independent basis of reasonable suspicion justifying him to investigate more than a seat belt violation that initiated the traffic stop, the Indiana Court of Appeals held in a 2-1 decision. As such, the judges reversed the woman’s motion to suppress evidence that led to a drug charge.
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